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From the ABVP Reptile & Amphibian Practice Study & Reading Guide: Successful practice of reptile and amphibian medicine and surgery requires broad knowledge of subject areas including natural history, husbandry, anatomy, physiology, pathology, infectious disease biology, epidemiology, and pharmacology. Practitioners must apply this knowledge to species in the Orders Anura, Urodela, Gymnophiona, Chelonia, Rhynchocephalia, Squamata, and Crocodylia. Little of this reptile and amphibian-specific background information is taught in general veterinary medical curricula and new contributions are found in an array of periodicals.

The following list is provided to help guide veterinarians planning to study for the ABVP Reptile and Amphibian Examination. It is not a comprehensive listing of all available material, but rather a guide to facilitate finding information in areas where the candidate does not have extensive experience. Examination questions will be taken from the extant literature and will not be confined to questions only from the work on the list. Not all chapters in listed textbooks are necessarily of significance for the examination. Examination questions based upon journal articles will emphasize current literature of the last five years, although older references may also be included. It is recommended that candidates work with their mentor to prioritize study material within the references suggested.

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Questions on the examination may be taken from sources other than this list. This page updated 6/8/11.

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“This is only a convenience copy of the reading list to help find copies of reading materials in the NCSU Libraries.  It does not replace the official reading list. Candidates are responsible for ensuring they use the latest reading list.”

ABVP Reptile & Amphibian Practice Study & Reading Guide

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