American Board of Veterinary Practitioners: Equine Practice Study & Reading Guide

The NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine does not currently offer a residency for the ABVP: Equine diplomate.

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Referred Journals (The last 5 years ending January 1 of the year the exam is taken)

Please note that items drawn from current journals (with a 5 year look back period) are 1) from a journal on the RVS Reading List, 2) the question is drawn from the abstract only, and 3) the journal abstract must be inexpensively obtained. The exception to this is Veterinary Clinics of North America (if applicable), where the exam taker is responsible for the whole article.

American Journal of Veterinary Research
Compendium on Continuing Education for the Practicing Veterinarian
Equine Veterinary Journal
Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association
Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine
Veterinary Surgery


(The most current edition of the text should be used.) – pick one medicine, one lameness, one reproduction and one surgery book since you will not have time to cover all.

Title Author/Editor Edition Copyright Year
Adams and Stashak's Lameness in Horses  Print  Digital Baxter 7th ed. 2020
Current Practice of Equine Surgery  Print White and Moore 1st ed. 1990
Robinson's Current Therapy in Equine Medicine  Digital Robinson et al 7th ed. 2015
Diagnosis and Management of Lameness in the Horse  Print  Digital Ross and Dyson 2nd ed. 2011
Diagnostic Techniques in Equine Medicine  Print  Digital Taylor et al 2nd ed. 2010
Equine Dermatology  Print  Digital Scott et al 2nd ed. 2011
Equine Emergencies: Treatments and Procedures  Print  Digital Orsini 4th ed. 2014
Equine Internal Medicine  Print  Digital Reed et al 4th ed. 2018
Equine Medicine and Surgery  Print Colahan et al 5th ed. 1999
Equine Medicine Secrets  Print Savage 1st ed. 1999
Equine Neonatology: Medicine and Surgery  Print Madigan et al 1st ed. 2004
Equine Ophthalmology  Print  Digital Gilger 3rd ed. 2017
Equine Reproduction  Print  Digital McKinnon et al 2nd ed. 2011
Equine Surgery  Print  Digital Auer and Stick 5th ed. 2019
Large Animal Internal Medicine  Print  Digital Smith 6th ed. 2020
Manual of Equine Reproduction  Print  Digital Brinsko et al 3rd ed. 2011
Veterinary Laboratory Medicine: Clinical Pathology  Print  Digital Duncan and Prasse 5th ed. 2011

Other references that were found useful to support these primary references or to cover specific disciplines in which the candidate may feel deficient included:

Subject Title Author/Editor Edition Copyright Year
A clinical pharmacology text Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics  Print  Digital Riviere 10th ed. 2017
A physiology text Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology  Print Hall 14th ed. 2021
A physiology text Ganong's Review of Medical Physiology  Print Barrett 25th ed. 2016
An immunology text Veterinary Immunology  Print Tizard 10th ed. 2018
Clinical pathology Veterinary Laboratory Medicine: Interpretation & Diagnosis  Print Meyer 3rd ed. 2004
- Pocket Companion to Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology  Print Hall 14th ed. 2021
- Proceedings of the American Association of Equine Practitioners  Print AAEP N/A 1967-2020
- Veterinary Clinics of North America: Equine Practice N/A N/A N/A

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“This is only a convenience copy of the reading list to help find copies of reading materials in the NCSU Libraries. It does not replace the official reading list. Candidates are responsible for ensuring they use the latest reading list.”

Please visit the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners website for more information. Current Practice Study & Reading Guides can be found on the Exam Prep Help page. You can also access directly through this link.

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