Data Experience Lab (DXL)

Building: D. H. Hill Jr. Library

Floor: Third Floor, Tower

The Data Experience Lab (DXL) will be the NC State University Libraries’ community hub for data science, visualization, and digital research and scholarship. It will offer collaboration space, computing resources, and drop-in support for anyone in the NC State community working with data, creating visualizations, using geospatial methodologies, or employing new digital methods and approaches. The DXL staff has expertise in various areas and can help you learn new skills or develop a project. We’d love for you to be part of our community!

The Data Experience Lab opens in Fall 2020.

What kinds of things will happen in the Data Experience Lab?

  • Consultations on data science, data visualization, digital humanities methods, and open research workflows
  • Workshops and trainings, such as "Data Visualization with Python" and "Establishing a Scholarly Identity Online"
  • Talks and gatherings to inspire collaborations and community
  • Regular 'open labs' on specific skill sets and tools, such as text analysis
  • Individual work using specialized software and high-capacity computers

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