iPearl Immersion Theater

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Building: James B. Hunt Jr. Library

Floor: Second Floor

Rooms: 2206

The iPearl Immersion Theater greets visitors near the second floor library entrance. It features a 21x7-foot Christie MicroTiles® video display with a gentle curve that surrounds the viewer with imagery. Prominently located to catch the eye of everyone entering the library, the iPearl Immersion Theater is Hunt’s premiere digital exhibit space.  We curate a program of content for the Immersion Theater that is focused on demonstrating NC State's impact. You can explore our channels by making selections on the touch panel in the Theater.

Have a seat to let the visual experience soak in, walk up closely to examine details, or just relax and take a study break with a friend.

If you are interested in producing content to play in the iPearl Immersion Theater, please view Video Walls.