Teaching and Visualization Lab

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Building: James B. Hunt Jr. Library

Floor: Fourth Floor

Rooms: 4505

For the Fall 2020 semester, we are not accepting requests to reserve this space for general use.

We will review and consider requests for research and content development on a case-by-case basis. Please email inquiries to library_hightechspaces@ncsu.edu.

The Teaching and Visualization Lab is a black-box room that offers 270-degree immersive projection on three walls with five screens, for a total of 94 linear feet of high-definition display surface. The room can host a variety of events including:

  • High-impact presentations of large-scale visualizations and simulations
  • Technology-rich interactive sessions in a small group setting
  • Command/control room simulation
  • Immersive computing
  • Game research
  • “Big data” decision theater
  • Comparative social computing
  •   Room specs & details

    See the Teaching & Visualization Lab in action (video)

    Display resolution:

    • Windows Visualization Server for 270° wraparound mode (screens 1–5, contiguous): 16,384 x 1200 pixels
    • HDMI laptop mode for corner screens only: Up to 1920 x 1200 pixels


    270° stereoscopic 3D projection is available. 

    Custom software allowed?
    Determined on a case-by-case basis

    User video connections allowed?
    Yes, HDMI and VGA

    Food / beverage / catering allowed?

    Public visibility?

    Special features:

    • 270° immersive projection
    • Surround sound stereo output
    • Stereoscopic 3D projection
    • Theater lighting


    Visualization services

  •   Furniture configurations

    These illustrations demonstrate some possibilities for the space, but we're not limited to these configurations. When you schedule the walk-through appointment, a Libraries staff member will help you plan the best furniture arrangement.

    Configuration image
    Configuration title
    No furniture

    Configuration image
    Configuration title

    Configuration image
    Configuration title

    Configuration image
    Configuration title

    Configuration image
    Configuration title

  •   Design templates

    To help you design your presentation or experience, we provide these templates fitted to our screens:

  •   How do I get there?


    • Go through the library gates past Ask Us.
    • Continue straight until you see the third or blue hallway to your right.
    • Turn right into the hallway for the elevators.
    • Take the elevators to the fourth floor.
    • After leaving the elevator bay turn right
    • Turn right again, and continue past the stairs.
    • The door to the Teaching and Visualization Lab is directly in front of you.


    • Go through the library gates past Ask Us.
    • Take the yellow stairs on your right to the third floor.
    • Turn left and continue straight to the stairs.
    • Take the stairs to the fourth floor.
    • Turn right and the door to the Teaching and Visualization Lab is directly in front of you.
  •   Who do I contact?