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  • Business data - Statistical data about business or industry operations.
  • Case studies - In-depth analyses of real-world events or situations that highlight key principles within a discipline.
  • Company reports - Periodic reports of the status of a corporation, including financial, leadership, and competitor information; may be prepared by the organization itself or by a third party.
  • Demographic/census data - Statistics about state, regional, or national population groups that report population data such as age, location, income, etc.
  • Films - Feature-length movies, documentaries, etc.
  • Government documents - Documents published by government entities as part of their ongong work, such as Congressional records, court briefs, agency reports, etc.
  • Images - High-resolution scans of photographs (documentary or artistic), fine art, etc.
  • Industry reports - Reports analyzing the status of an industry, including size, key players, opportunities and threats, growth projections, etc.
  • Magazines - Mass-market periodical publications intended for a non-professional audience, such as the New Yorker, Life Magazine, Sky and Telescope, etc.
  • Market reports - Reports that describe the market for a product or service, including audience size, key providers, economic indicators, growth projections, etc.
  • Material properties - Physical properties of materials relevant to science, engineering, and industry, such as density, lubricity, tensile strength, phase diagrams, etc.
  • Newspapers - Publications about current events, usually released daily or weekly, such as the New York Times, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and the Chicago Tribune.
  • Patents - Government documents that record the details of an invention, and grant the inventor the exclusive rights to its manufacture for a limited time.
  • Pricing information - Current price data for materials including chemicals, economic commodities, textiles, etc.
  • Primary sources - Artifacts such as documents, manuscripts, recordings, etc., that provide first-hand or contemporary accounts of historical events or time periods.
  • Search by CAS number - Supports searching by CAS Registry Number, a unique identifier that identifies a specific chemical compound.
  • Search by NAICS code - Supports searching by NAICS Code, a standardized code used to identify specific industries and industry segments.
  • Self-directed learning - Materials that support learning skills outside of a formal educational setting, such as video tutorials or how-to guides.
  • Standards - Formalized specifications describing engineering requirements, testing methods, or practices, to ensure consistent and comparable outcomes.
  • Supply chain information - Information about generation, processing, and distribution capacities for commodities and manufactured goods.
  • Tests and measurements - Educational and psychological tools for evaluating individuals against a reference population.
  • Theses and dissertations - Documents submitted as a requirement to complete an advanced degree, usually evaluated and approved by a committee of scholars with appropriate expertise.