VR Studio

D. H. Hill Library
2317, 2318

Virtual reality (VR) provides new ways for people to interact with information and media. The VR Studio at D. H. Hill Library is a space for experimenting with and creating immersive content. It is equipped with eight workstations representing the two major current VR platforms, the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, and other equipment. There are many games and educational experiences available for research.


Only currently affiliated students, faculty, and staff of NC State may gain access to the D. H. Hill VR Studio. To do so, you must first attend an Orientation session, to ensure your safety and introduce you to various VR Studio equipment.

Please fill out a request form to set up a consultation, to access the room outside of open hours, or for other special inquiries.

Workstations in the VR Studio

Reserve a VR Workstation

  •   Directions


    Enter the D. H. Hill Library from the Brickyard. Take the main stairs or elevator to the first floor lobby. Turn left and enter the West Wing. Continue straight until you see the large staircase.

    Either, take these stairs to the second floor, and turn left. Continue down the hallway stopping before you reach the glass doors. The VR Studio is the door on the right. 

    Or, turn right after the Cone Zone and take another right around the corner. An elevator is on the right. Take the elevator to the second floor, and turn right. Take the hallway on the right and then turn left. The VR Studio is on your right before the glass doors. 

  •   Reservation Information

    Reservation Information

    Orientation is required before making a reservation.

  •  Contact Information
    Colin Keenan