Analyzing Data

We offer consultations, collaborations, and training in data analysis using languages such as R and Python, and statistical environments like Stata, SPSS, and SAS. We can help with quantitative, qualitative, and geospatial data analysis.


Data and Visualization workshops are offered every semester at a variety of skill levels.

You can also download workshop materials to learn and complete the exercises on your own time.

Data analysis how-to materials


You can access computers optimized for data-intensive work and equipped with software for data analysis like ArcGIS, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and SAS in the Hunt Dataspace and Hill Learning Commons.

Librarians can also help you create effective and well-designed visualizations.

Get help

Schedule a consultation for individual support at your convenience.

You can also get drop-in help for data science and visualization topics at Hill and Hunt Libraries:

Get instruction support

We offer data analysis and visualization instructional support for courses throughout the university.

Find & clean data

The Libraries provides access to a wide range of data resources and services, including guides to finding census data, political and social science data, and geospatial data.

We can help you clean, enhance, and work with your data. Librarians are available to help with data modeling, data cleaning, data joining, and other tasks related to working with data.

Campus data analysis services