Specialty Board Reading Lists

Veterinary Board Examinations Veterinary Technician Specialty Examinations

NCSU Libraries provides access to the resources you need to prepare for veterinary board examinations and veterinary technician specialty exams. See the lists below for links to pages for each board or specialty outlining the required reading resources, linking to what is available at NC State University Libraries, and connecting you back to the board website for the latest updates.

Note about links to NCSU Libraries' catalog: For books, the title is linked to the e-book wherever possible. Journals are linked to their information page that has links to both electronic access and catalog listings when both are available or just to their catalog page if the journal is only available in print.

Veterinary Board Examinations

Contact Veterinary Medicine Library Staff for any questions you might have. Visit the CVM Internships and Residencies Page for more information about training at NCSU.

The information for these pages is gathered directly from each specialty organization via e-mail and/or the organization's website.

Veterinary Technician Specialty Examinations

Contact Veterinary Medicine Library Staff with any questions you might have.

These lists are designed to help candidates find copies of reading materials in the NCSU Libraries. They do not replace the official reading lists. Candidates are responsible for ensuring they use accurate reading lists as distributed by recognized specialty academies. For more information about veterinary technician specialties, visit the Specialties page of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America.