Course Reserves

Changes Due to Coronavirus 

  • Course Reserves and the VETS Collection will not be circulated. 
  • The Libraries will provide scanning of print-only resources on-demand.
    • Most items in Course Reserves and VETS are already available as online e-books that you can access from anywhere. Search our web catalog using the "Available Online" filter to find them. 
    • If the book you are looking for isn't already available as an e-book, you can request a scanned copy of a chapter or section from the NC State University Libraries using this form. If you request a scan, you will receive an email when the PDF is available, usually within 24 hours.
    • Chapter scanning requests will be processed in the order in which they are received. You can submit multiple requests over the course of the semester. The NC State University Libraries is still limited by copyright restrictions; we are not able to scan entire books.
    • If you have further questions, please Ask Us.


Reserves are course materials that NC State faculty and staff put on hold, with limited circulation periods, for patrons to use. These materials are housed both at the VML service desk and online through an electronic reserve system (electronic reserves use the PDF file format).

For Students

  • Find Course Reserves at the VML or search the Catalog for other required or recommended books.
  • All electronic reserves items scanned by library staff are converted into text-searchable PDFs for use with screen-reading software.
  • Upon request, library staff can convert instructor-provided scans into text-searchable PDFs.

For Instructors

Submit Course Reserves Requests Online

Through the Course Reserves management system, instructors can request to have library staff create and add physical and digital course reserves to their classes. 

Instructors can directly manage nearly every aspect of course reserves online:

  • Submit Course Reserve requests [under the Staff tab, select “create request”]
  • Reactivate and import from past courses
  • Upload or link new digital course reserves
  • Sort and annotate reserve items
  • Integrate reserves listings with Moodle
  • Add and remove students and teaching assistants from courses

Submit Course Reserves Requests By Email

When you place a request to, please specify the email subject line as “Reserve Request” and include the following information:

  • Course name and number
  • Instructor's name and email
  • List of materials with full citations (title, author, and edition) to be placed on reserve as an attached reading list

Please Note: It may take 1-2 days to process and make materials available for students. Materials are not processed on weekends, in the evenings, or during holidays.

DVM Core Course Titles on Reserve

The library automatically enters core DVM course titles listed as regular, optional, and library reserves on the DVM Online Course Syllabus as reserve requests through the Course Reserves management system. VML staff use the syllabus published and updated for the semester deadlines as of August 1 for the Fall and December 1 for the Spring. 

Additional books or media (library-owned or personal copies) may be added after the semester deadlines by email request to or by submitting an online request through the NC State Course Reserves website. 

Place Selectives on Reserve

The library does not automatically place Selectives readings on reserve. Requests for Selectives reading are due two weeks before the course begins. When submitting requests (either by email or online), please list all reading material required. Please include texts that may already be on reserve so that students will only need to consult one listing.

Place Personal Materials on Reserve

Instructors may place personal copies of materials (books, media, or copies) on Reserve. 

  • Include the owner's name and course number/title (on the items) when submitting personal materials. 
  • Place media in cases, and place print copies in folders.
  • Email the request list for those materials to as an attachment before delivery. Or, you can complete the Print Request Form (PDF) and bring the form along with the materials.

We appreciate prompt delivery of materials to the library. Items listed on the DVM Online Syllabus as of the semester deadlines of August 1 for the Fall and December 1 for the Spring should be brought to the library by those dates.


Contact the VML by phone at 919-513-6218 or email at if you have any questions.

Last Edited: 7/20/2020