Floor Map

Single-floor library. The Service Desk is to the right just past the entrance. The classroom, conference rooms, and Reading Room are past the service desk. To the left of the entrance is the collaboration area, multiple study rooms, and Visualization Space.

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Space Use Guidelines

The majority of the rooms inside the Vet Med Library are available first-come, first-serve.  

The conference rooms (A101, A103, and A109) should be reserved using the CVM's Room Reservation System

Patrons can apply to reserve the lockable Research Workspaces (A141, A142, A143). Research Workspaces are available first-come, first-served unless reserved in advance.

Reservable Specialty Spaces

Research Workspace (A141, A142, and A143)

Individually locked rooms for long-term use dedicated to facilitating research and publication projects for VML doctoral students, house officers, research associates, and clinicians.  

Conference Rooms (A101, A103, and A109)

A101 Multipurpose Classroom

A103 Conference Room

A109 Conference Room