VML: Giving To The Veterinary Medicine Library

The William Rand Kenan, Jr. Library of Veterinary Medicine is part of the NCSU Libraries. The Giving to the Libraries site describes many ways that you can support the collections and services provided by the NCSU Libraries.   Join Friends of the Library.  Membership in the NCSU Libraries' Friends of the Library includes in-person borrowing privileges as a benefit, for an additional annual fee.

Giving Online

To direct a Friends of the Library gift to the Veterinary Medicine Library, go to Make a Gift Online,  choose the Find a Different Fund option, and select the NCSU Veterinary Medical Endowment.

The North Carolina Veterinary Medical Foundation, Inc. helps the Veterinary Medicine Library create a wonderful and welcoming environment for students through the Kenan Library CVM Student Enrichment Fund. To contribute online to this fund which is used to provide creature comforts such as tissues and healthy finals week snacks, please select 'other' from the 'Designated Gifts' section of the online giving site and list the name of the fund under the 'in honor of/ memory of/ support of' in the 'name' field.

Donating Information Resources

Gifts of books, journal issues, media or other materials relevant to the Veterinary Medicine Library (VML) collections are welcome. Please review background information from the Collection Management department and then contact VML to make arrangements. There are many areas of the collection that would blossom with dedicated support for the purchase of materials--discover these opportunities to contribute to the development of world-class resources (PDF).

Donating Historical Veterinary Medicine Instruments

The NC State College of Veterinary Medicine (NCSU CVM) has a select collection of historical veterinary medicine instruments and materials donated by North Carolina veterinarians and their families.  Highlights include the Dr. Charles L. Ward collection.   The William R. Kenan, Jr. Library of Veterinary Medicine houses and displays materials from these collections.  As our capacity to store and display instruments is limited, donations are considered on a case-by-case basis.   If you are interested in donating a veterinary instrument with a historical connection to NC State, please contact the Director, Kristine Alpi, at (919) 513-6219 or kristine_alpi@ncsu.edu.

For safety reasons, neither the NCSU CVM nor the NCSU Libraries are able to accept donations of medications or any items containing substances.  For information on safe disposal of medications, see the FDA website “Safe Disposal of Medications”  For veterinary history museums that may be able to help with identifying veterinary instruments or be interested in collections we cannot accept at NCSU, visit http://avmhs.org/museums.html.  For international organizations that may be able to accept donations of unused veterinary medications, supplies, or materials, see the AVMA website.

Connect with Us

Please contact Kristine Alpi, Director, at (919) 513-6219 or kristine_alpi@ncsu.edu to arrange a collection gift, share your support, or learn more about the William Rand Kenan, Jr. Library of Veterinary Medicine.