UA 102.004 Guide to the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service Committees Records, 1956-2000 (Bulk, 1997-2008)

The North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service Committees Records are arranged into two series: Extension Tomorrow Team and Other Committees. Materials are arranged chronologically within each series.
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The Extension Tomorrow Team series is arranged into two subseries (Meetings and Other Records), with records in each subseries organized chronologically. Types of materials in this series include meeting minutes, agendas, and other information; administrative records; correspondence; and presentation documentation.
Meetings, 1998-1999 (Subseries 1.1)
[Box 1, Folder 1] Meeting, 5-6 Feb. 1998
[Box 1, Folder 2] Meeting, 26-27 Mar. 1998
[Box 1, Folder 3] Meeting, 23-24 Apr. 1998
[Box 1, Folder 4] Meeting, 19-20 May 1998
[Box 1, Folder 5] Meeting, 25-26 Jun. 1998
[Box 1, Folder 6] Meeting, 23-24 Jul. 1998
[Box 1, Folder 7] Meeting, 10-11 Sept. 1998
[Box 1, Folder 8] Meeting, 15-16 Oct. 1998
[Box 1, Folder 9] Meeting, 10-11 Dec. 1998
[Box 1, Folder 10] Meeting (1 of 2), 15-16 Feb. 1999
[Box 1, Folder 11] Meeting (2 of 2), 15-16 Feb. 1999
[Box 1, Folder 12] Meeting (1 of 2), 30-31 Mar. 1999
[Box 1, Folder 13] Meeting (2 of 2), 30-31 Mar. 1999
[Box 1, Folder 14] Meeting, 27-28 Apr. 1999
[Box 1, Folder 15] Meeting, 25-26 May 1999
[Box 2, Folder 1] Meeting, 29 Jun. 1999 - 1 Jul. 1999
[Box 2, Folder 2] Meeting, 18-19 Oct. 1999
Other Records, 1997-2000 (Subseries 1.2)
[Box 2, Folder 3] Key issues raised in two studies of Cooperative Extention, 1997, undated
[Box 2, Folder 4] Formation documentation, 1998
[Box 2, Folder 5] Updated information for administration, Mar. 1998
[Box 2, Folder 6] Brochure, 1998
[Box 2, Folder 7] Ground rules, 1998
[Box 2, Folder 8] Presentation to County Operations Team, 17 Jun. 1998
[Box 2, Folder 10] Summary of work with other groups, 1998
[Box 2, Folder 11] Survey of Extension personnel regarding the Organizational and Climate studies, 1998
[Box 2, Folder 12] Budget, 1998-1999
[Box 2, Folder 13] The NC State Model white paper, 1998
[Box 2, Folder 14] Presentations, 1998
[Box 2, Folder 15] Federation meeting, 1998
[Box 2, Folder 16] Actions, outcomes, and impacts, 1998-1999
[Box 2, Folder 17] Memos and correspondence, 1998-2000
[Box 2, Folder 18] Guidelines on Change Models and Strategic Planning Theories, undated
[Box 2, Folder 19] Report on customer satisfaction, 1998
[Box 3, Folder 2] Feedback from website, 1998
[Box 3, Folder 3] Team learning, 1998
[Box 3, Folder 4] Information Handbook (1 of 4), 1998
[Box 3, Folder 5] Information Handbook (2 of 4), 1998
[Box 3, Folder 6] Information Handbook (3 of 4), 1998
[Box 3, Folder 7] Information Handbook (4 of 4), 1998
[Box 3, Folder 8] Customer cards and enhancing customer focus, 1999
[Box 3, Folder 9] Mission statement, 1999
[Box 3, Folder 10] Proposal: Internal Innovation Development Team, 1999
[Box 3, Folder 1] Notes, undated
[Box 2, Folder 9] Protocol for building relationships with other groups, undated
The Other Committees series is arranged chronologically and includes administrative records and correspondence.
[Box 3, Folder 11] Background, 1956
[Box 3, Folder 12] Legal status, 1956
[Box 3, Folder 13] Programs, 1956
[Box 3, Folder 14] Organization, 1956
[Box 3, Folder 15] Personnel, 1956
[Box 3, Folder 16] Facilities, 1956
[Box 3, Folder 17] Finance, 1956
[Box 3, Folder 18] Methods and procedures, 1956
[Half Box 4, Folder 1] Extension Advisory Committee: Operational samples, 1956
[Half Box 4, Folder 2] Extension Advisory Committee: Related agencies, 1956
[Half Box 4, Folder 3] Extension Advisory Committee: Advisory Committee, 1956
[Half Box 4, Folder 4] Extension Advisory Committee: Report Data, 1956
[Carton 9] Letters -- Service on State Advisory Council (SAC), 1959-1984 (Accession 2011.0195)
[Box 11, Folder 1] Personal Assessment of the Organizational Climiate (PACE), 1996
[Half Box 4, Folder 5] Blue Ribbon Study Commission: Formation, 1998
[Carton 9] Advisory Leadership meetings, 1997-1999 (Accession 2011.0195)
[Carton 10] National Leadership, 2000 (Accession 2011.0195)
[Carton 10] South Central District Advisory Leadership meeting, 2000 (Accession 2011.0195)
[Carton 5] VHS -- State Advisory Council (SAC), 2001 Apr. (Accession 2011.0195)
[Carton 8] State Advisory Council (SAC) Treasurer's reports, 1997-2002 (Accession 2011.0195)
[Carton 5] Floppy disks -- New Members, State Advisory Council (SAC) meetings, SEAL, ALS folders, undated, 2002-2003 (Accession 2011.0195)
[Carton 5] National Leadership Seminar, 2003 Mar. (Accession 2011.0195)
[Carton 6] SEAL (Strengthening Extension Advisory Leaders), 2003 (Accession 2011.0195)
[Carton 5] State Advisory Council (SAC) meetings, 1997-2003 (Accession 2011.0195)
[Carton 6] State Advisory Council (SAC) meeting, 2004 (Accession 2011.0195)
[Carton 6] Treasurer's reports, 2002-2004 (Accession 2011.0195)
[Carton 8] SEAL (Strengthening Extension Advisory Leaders), 2004-2005 (Accession 2011.0195)
[Carton 8] State Advisory Council (SAC), 2005 (Accession 2011.0195)
[Carton 6] Budget, 2003-2006 (Accession 2011.0195)
[Carton 7] State Advisory Council (SAC) meeting expenses, 2005-2006 (Accession 2011.0195)
[Carton 7] State Advisory Council (SAC) meeting expenses, 2002-2007 (Accession 2011.0195)
[Carton 10] PILD, 2006-2008 (Accession 2011.0195)
[Carton 8] State Advisory Council (SAC) Treasurer's reports, 2004-2008 (Accession 2011.0195)
[Carton 5] Extension presentations, undated (Accession 2011.0195)
[Carton 5] State Advisory Council (SAC) reports, undated (Accession 2011.0195)
[Carton 5] Zip drives -- State Advisory Council (SAC), Advisory Leadership System (ALS), SEAL, undated (Accession 2011.0195)


North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service.


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Transferred by the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service.


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Scope and Content Note

The records, 1956-2008, of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service committees include administrative records pertaining to the Extension Tomorrow Team committee and other committee-related materials from the Associate Dean and Director's Office of the service. Records include committee meeting minutes, meeting schedules, meeting expense reports and budgets, planning reports, presentations, e-mails, handwritten notes, publications, and other items.

Historical Note

The North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service is an education and outreach program designed to provide citizens of North Carolina access to the knowledge generated by North Carolina State University departments working in agricultural research.

Although ad hoc extension services had been ongoing since the founding of the North Carolina State College of Agricultural and Mechanic Arts, the North Carolina Agricultural Extension Service was officially formed in 1914 as a result of the Smith-Lever Act, a law providing for federal, state, and county cooperation in creating a system to expand demonstration and extension work. The law authorized land-grant colleges across the nation to sign memoranda of understanding with the United States Department of Agriculture to begin such work.

After just one year, seventy-one farm and thirty-seven home demonstration agents were employed. The 4-H program took off, and the first annual 4-H Club Week was held in 1915. That same year the new publication Extension Farm News began. At State College, Extension received a permanent home when Ricks Hall was completed in 1922 (its earlier home was split between offices in downtown Raleigh and in Patterson Hall on campus).

During World War II, extension programs played a vital role in the local war effort. Agents ran programs on increasing farm production and conserving valuable resources. A Woman's Land Army sent women to the fields to replace the many men who joined the military. The 4-H program helped children grow Victory Gardens, operate scrap drives, and compete in their own produce productivity competitions. The work performed during the war years was so successful that agricultural production actually doubled compared to previous years. Extension continued to grow between 1945 and 1956, doubling its personnel and more than tripling its budget.

Economic difficulties in the 1970s saw the Extension Service increase its activities in rural food production and nutrition. Extension worked with the North Carolina Department of Social Service to bring meals to senior citizens, and in 1969 it established the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) to help underprivileged North Carolinians better their nutritional standards and to educate them about available food assistance programs. Extension also worked with farmers facing serious economic troubles to better their situations.

Perhaps the most noticeable change to Extension occurred in 1991, when the program changed its named from the North Carolina Agricultural Extension Service to the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service in order to better reflect the service's activities that had grown beyond the development of state and local agriculture. Today, working alongside North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, and a national network of land-grant institutions, and using the resources of twenty-one academic departments at NCSU, the Service maintains centers in every county in the state, and provides education and programming in numerous subjects, among them agriculture, forestry, environmental sustainability, youth and family development, and community viability.

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