Game Lab

  • Students using the full display option in the Hunt Library Game Lab.
  • Students playing video games in the Game Lab at the Hunt Library
  • Library staff demonstrating the touch capabilities in the Game Lab.
  • Session with classroom seating held in the Game Lab.
  • Session with classroom seating held in the Game Lab.

Building: James B. Hunt Jr. Library

Floor: Third Floor

Rooms: 3201

We are not currently accepting requests to reserve this space for general use.

We will review and consider requests for research and content development on a case-by-case basis. Please email inquiries to

The Game Lab supports the scholarly study of digital games, as well as providing flexible space for workshops, teaching, and interactive exploration of data. 

Free-play is available anytime the Game Lab is not reserved by faculty or students for research or teaching purposes; reservations for free-play are not required.

  •   Room specs & details

    The room is equipped with multiple gaming systems and a 19.68’ x 4.43’ Leyard LED touch-interactive display, which can be used as a single panoramic screen or divided into up to three sections with varying inputs. 

    See the Game Lab in action

    Available gaming systems include:

    • Microsoft Xbox One
    • Sony Playstation 4
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Windows PC with access to Steam 

    Display resolution:
    4800x1080. Display can be used as a single panoramic screen using the Windows PC or divided up into multiple sections with varying inputs.

    Custom software allowed?
    Determined on a case-by-case basis.  Inquire with your event’s consultant.

    User video connections allowed?
    Yes, 2 HDMI inputs + 2 wireless displays

    Food / beverage / catering allowed? 
    Case-by-case basis

    Public visibility?
    Public and private modes are available.  Private mode is not permitted for free-play.  

    Special features:

    • Full-screen touch capability with up to 40 simultaneous touches.
    • 5.1 surround sound (5 sound channels + 1 subwoofer)
    • Bezel-free direct view LED video wall

    Visualization services

  •   Furniture configurations

    These illustrations demonstrate some possibilities for the space, but we're not limited to these configurations. When you schedule the walk-through appointment, a Libraries staff member will help you plan the best furniture arrangement.

    Configuration image
    Configuration title
    No furniture

    Configuration image
    Configuration title

    Configuration image
    Configuration title

    Configuration image
    Configuration title

  •   Design templates

    To help you design your presentation or experience, we provide these templates fitted to our screens:

  •   How do I get there?

    Using Elevators

    • Go through the library gates past Ask Us
    • Continue straight until you reach the blue or third hallway to your right.
    • Turn right into the hallway for the elevators.
    • Take the elevators to the third floor.
    • After leaving the elevator bay, turn right and continue straight until you pass the stairs on your right.
    • The Game Lab will be on your right opposite the Dataspace.

    Using Stairs

    • Go through the library gates past Ask Us
    • Take the yellow stairs on your right to the third floor.
    • Turn right and Game Lab will be in on your right opposite the Dataspace.
  •   Who do I contact?