Government Information


NCSU Libraries' government information collection includes many documents from the federal government, as well as some international, state, and local publications. The NCSU Libraries is a selective federal depository library, a patent and trademark depository library, and a depository for documents from the State of North Carolina.

Finding Federal Government Documents at NCSU Libraries

Most of the NCSU Libraries' Federal Government Documents collection is located in the Hunt Library bookBot. The following guidelines will help you find the resource you need.

If online or other electronic format is acceptable:

Search Google

  • There have been a number of large-scale digitaization projects designed to make government documents available online, many of which may be found the most quickly with a Google Search.  To find documents hosted on government websites, use the phrase in the Google search box.

Full text databases and websites

  • There area a number of databases and free online resources that focus on particular categories of government documents. The Databases and Websites page is designed to help you determine where to look if you are trying to find a particular type of document from a particular time period.

Public Documents Masterfile

  • This database includes the Monthly Catalog, an index to historical government publications (which may or may not be available online).

For items in our print collection, search our Catalog

  • If you find the item in the catalog, most likely it will be located in the Hunt Library bookBot. You can use the "Request" link within the item record to have it retrieved for you from the bookBot, or to request a scan if you need only part of the item.
  • If you do not find the item in the catalog, then use Tripsaver.
  • Note: Only NCSU affiliates may request items through Tripsaver. If you are a guest searching for an uncataloged government document, contact a librarian.

Reference Help

At any point, you can get in-person assistance at the Ask Us center in D. H. Hill Library.

Telephone: (919) 515-3364

Email or Chat: Ask a Librarian

Self Help

Federal Government Documents Tutorial
-- An in-depth overview of government information:  how it is published and distributed, how to use indexes, how publications are shelved.

Quick Start for U.S. Documents
-- Some quick basics about finding and using government information at NCSU Libraries, all on one page.