Cutting & Milling

Specialty spaces, including the Makerspace, are closed in accordance with NC State's Protect the Pack Guidelines.

If you have a specific instructional or academic need, you can request a technology consultation

Laser Cutting

A laser cutter is an amazingly powerful digital fabrication tool used for computationally cutting and engraving a variety of materials. At the Hill Library Makerspace, we offer a laser cutting service to all current NC State University students, faculty, and staff. We will only cut or engrave materials that we have sourced, listed below.

You do not need to attend a Makerspace Orientation prior to your appointment. For safety reasons, only library staff are able to operate the laser cutter.

Design guidelines: In preparing your files (e.g. in Illustrator or Inkscape), please use a canvas of 11.5" x 23.5" and for your cut lines use paths with a stroke weight of 0.001 inches. Any content of thicker weight will be engraved rather than cut.

We offer only these materials for laser cutting:

Wood Fiberboard 12" x 24"* 1/8" thick at $6/sheet More info
Birch Plywood 12" x 24"* 1/8" thick at $10/sheet More info
Clear Acrylic 12" x 24"* 1/16" at $10/sheet, 1/8" thick at $14/sheet, 1/4" at $24.25/sheet More info
Black Acrylic 12" x 24"* 1/8" thick at $14/sheet, 1/16" at $15/sheet More info
Red Acrylic 12" x 24"* 1/8" thick at $13.50/sheet More info
Delrin (Acetal Resin) 12" x 24"* 1/8" thick at $34/sheet (white), $35/sheet (black) More info
Bamboo Plywood various* 12x12x1/16" at $16/sheet, 12x24x1/8" at $29.50/sheet More info
Crescent Matboard (Black) 12" x 20"* 0.055" thick at $2.25/sheet More info
Rubber (gray) 8.25" x 11.75" 0.110" thick at $17.25/sheet More info
Cardboard & Chipboard 12" x 12"* Various thicknesses; free (charged for appointment time only) N/A

If you would like to suggest we stock a new material for our laser cutting service, please email us with a potential supplier.

* Please note that all dimensions listed above are not exact. We often receive material with up to 1/2" less on one dimension or another. So, for 12" x 24" materials, plan on 11.5" x 23.5" to be safe.

You can pay for this service with funds on your AllCampus card or charge to a departmental account. To charge to a department, please bring the following information: Department, Project ID number, and Bookkeeper's name, phone number, and email. We cannot charge to grant accounts, which have Project ID numbers starting with a 5.


The Libraries now offer CNC milling on an Othermill desktop milling machine. Access to the Othermill requires a tool-specific safety training, in addition to the Hill Library Makerspace Orientation. To schedule the Othermill Safety Training, please contact Justin Haynes.

The Othermill may only be used with materials that are purchased from the Libraries. We offer the following for sale in the Hill Library Makerspace:

Material Size Price
Birch Plywood Milling Blank 5" x 7" $2.75
Machining Wax 3" x 3" x 0.5" $12.00
Machinable Foam 4" x 5" x 1" $16.00
Printed Circuit Board Blank 4" x 5" x 0.0629" $2.00 (double sided)
Polycarbonate Sheet 4" x 5" x 0.0236" $5.75


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