Cutting & Milling

Laser Cutting

A laser cutter is an amazingly powerful digital fabrication tool used for computationally cutting and engraving a variety of materials. At the D.H. Hill Makerspace, we offer a laser cutting service to all current NCSU students, faculty, and staff. The service costs are $5 per 15 minutes of appointment time, with a $10 minimum, plus material costs. We will only cut or engrave materials that we have sourced, listed below.

You do not need to attend a Makerspace Orientation prior to your appointment. For safety reasons, only library staff are able to operate the laser cutter.

Design guidelines: In preparing your files (e.g. in Illustrator or Inkscape), please use a canvas of 11.5" x 23.5" and for your cut lines use paths with a stroke weight of 0.001 inches. Any content of thicker weight will be engraved rather than cut.

Request a Laser Appointment 

We offer only these materials for laser cutting:

Wood Fiberboard 12" x 24"* 1/8" thick at $6/sheet More info
Birch Plywood 12" x 24"* 1/8" thick at $10/sheet More info
Clear Acrylic 12" x 24"* 1/16" at $10/sheet, 1/8" thick at $14/sheet, 1/4" at $24.25/sheet More info
Black Acrylic 12" x 24"* 1/8" thick at $14/sheet, 1/16" at $15/sheet More info
Red Acrylic 12" x 24"* 1/8" thick at $13.50/sheet More info
Delrin (Acetal Resin) 12" x 24"* 1/8" thick at $34/sheet (white), $35/sheet (black) More info
Bamboo Plywood various* 12x12x1/16" at $16/sheet, 12x24x1/8" at $29.50/sheet More info
Crescent Matboard (Black) 12" x 20"* 0.055" thick at $2.25/sheet More info
Rubber (gray) 8.25" x 11.75" 0.110" thick at $17.25/sheet More info
Cardboard & Chipboard 12" x 12"* Various thicknesses; free (charged for appointment time only) N/A

If you would like to suggest we stock a new material for our laser cutting service, please email us at with a potential supplier.

* Please note that all dimensions listed above are not exact. We often receive material with up to 1/2" less on one dimension or another. So, for 12" x 24" materials, plan on 11.5" x 23.5" to be safe.

You can pay for this service with funds on your AllCampus card or charge to a departmental account. To charge to a department, please bring the following information: Department, Project ID number, and Bookkeeper's name, phone number, and email. We cannot charge to grant accounts, which have Project ID numbers starting with a 5.


The Libraries now offer CNC milling on an Othermill desktop milling machine. Access to the Othermill requires a tool-specific safety training, in addition to the D.H. Hill Makerspace Orientation. To schedule the Othermill Safety Training, please contact Justin Haynes (

The Othermill may only be used with materials that are purchased from the Libraries. We offer the following for sale in the D.H. Hill Library Makerspace:

Material Size Price
Birch Plywood Milling Blank 5" x 7" $2.75
Machining Wax 3" x 3" x 0.5" $12.00
Machinable Foam 4" x 5" x 1" $16.00
Printed Circuit Board Blank 4" x 5" x 0.0629" $2.00 (double sided)
Polycarbonate Sheet 4" x 5" x 0.0236" $5.75



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