Get Digital Media Help: Zoom

Get answers from peers and library staff who are media-making practitioners! We can answer questions about recording and editing sound, recording and editing video, graphic design, photography, photo editing, and more.

Join us on Zoom between 4–8pm ET every day

Open Zoom room

Yes, we're available between 4–8pm even on weekends! Drop into our Zoom room and let us know how we can help you. No need to make an appointment or sign up ahead of time.

What to expect when you join us on Zoom

  • When you click the link, Zoom will open on your computer/device.
  • You'll be asked to log into Zoom with your NC State credentials.
  • Choose "Log in with Google," use your NC State Unity ID and password (same as for your email), and you'll be welcomed into the drop-in waiting room.
  • A consultant will greet you shortly after you enter and will begin to help you with your questions.

Zoom lets you share your screen, so you can share any software errors that you're encountering. Additionally, you can use your webcam to meet us face-to-face (optional).

Email us

Can't make it 4–8pm or not into Zoom? Request a technology consultation anytime and choose "Email help," and we'd be glad to help you over email.