Visualization Studio

  • Exterior of Visualization Studio, wrapped in a colorful lenticular design
  • Round room with empty chairs arranged in concentric circles, with a cathedral image projected onto the walls
  • 3D model of the Visualization Studio, showing the entrance into the vestibule and the perfectly round inner projection space
  • Colorful exterior of studio, with music notation, scientific diagrams, manuscript lettering and symbols

Building: D. H. Hill Jr. Library

Floor: Third Floor, Tower

The Visualization Studio is an immersive visual and auditory space, designed to showcase engaging content from every college and department at NC State. The Studio’s unique design — a perfectly round, 29-foot-wide projection room — allows faculty, staff, and students to display and experience uniquely immersive content. With multiple high-definition projectors, a high-powered PC, and graphics cards, the Visualization Studio presents seamless 360-degree visual content for utilization in special course instruction, research presentations, and other special projects.

For the Fall 2020 semester, we are not accepting requests to reserve this space for general use.

We will review and consider requests for research and content development on a case-by-case basis. Please email inquiries to

    What kinds of things could happen in the Visualization Studio?

    • Special student and course presentations utilizing panoramic images, virtual environments, and other immersive content
    • Engaging and immersive research presentations 
    • Immersive analytics or data visualization
    • Immersive exploration of digitized textual and archival materials
    •   How do I get there?
      • Enter the Hill Library from the Hillsborough St. entrance.
      • Go straight through the gates and turn left.
      • Continue down the hallway until you reach the stairs and elevator.
      • Take the stairs or elevator to the first floor (1U).
      • Continue straight across the lobby.
      • Turn left before entering the Learning Commons.
      • Continue straight past the right side of Ask Us and around the brick wall to the elevators.
      • Take the elevators up to the third floor.
      • Turn left out of the elevator bay
      • Continue straight beyond the open seating area
      • The Visualization Studio is the circular room on the right in the center of the building.
    •   Who do I contact?