Visualization Studio

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Building: D. H. Hill Jr. Library

Floor: Second Floor

Rooms: 2417

Capacity: 24

As part of the D. H. Hill Jr. Library Renovation, the Visualization Studio will be closed beginning May 2019, and will re-open in the Fall 2020 Semester.

As part of the renovations, the Visualization Studio will be rebuilt on the third floor of the North Tower of the library. The new space will be larger than the current space, with higher-quality 360-degree projection capabilities.

Faculty and graduateĀ students can request to use the Visualization Studio, a collaborative environment for researchers that provides an ideal physical space for arranging visual information. The room contains 12 projectors (3 per wall) used to display the contents of a single, Windows computer screen 360-degrees across four walls. It also provides the infrastructure to tie in personal laptops, allowing four different users to project on the walls simultaneously. Because the Visualization Studio runs a standard desktop, it can support a wide range of applications and users from a variety of disciplines with varying levels of computer skills. Custom software is available to exploit the display space of the Visualization Studio, and the room enables video conferencing as well.

The Visualization Studio is located in D. H. Hill Jr. Library on the 2nd floor of the stacks, next to the Unity Lab.


  • Windows server with 1 USB port
  • Hookups for 4 laptops (VGA or HDMI)


  • 12 LCD projectors (1024 x 768)
  • HD Webcam

FOX Xploration Earth 2050: THE CLASSROOM of the FUTURE from NCSU Libraries on Vimeo.