ESRI Virtual Campus Subscription


With the generous support of ESRI, Virtual Campus online GIS training courses are available to NCSU affiliates at no charge. The Virtual Campus subscription for NCSU is administered by the NCSU Libraries.

Experienced Virtual Campus Users:   Go Straight to Registration Form


1) What is ESRI Virtual Campus?
The Virtual Campus courses consist of self-paced, Web-based GIS instruction modules built around either specific ESRI GIS software packages (e.g., ArcGIS 9 or the Spatial Analyst Extension) or specific disciplines (e.g., Forestry and Hydrology). Individual courses typically require anywhere from 5 to 20 hours to complete. NCSU holds a campus license for ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) software.

2) Who may register for the Virtual Campus Courses?
Currently enrolled NCSU students, faculty and staff may register through the Registration Form.

Non-NCSU affiliated persons must register through ESRI's Training and Education.

3) How do I take a Virtual Campus Course as an NCSU course prerequisite?
This question applies to prospective students of GIS 510 for which taking the course Learning ArcGIS Desktop is a prerequisite choice. Other NCSU classes may require Virtual Campus courses as well.

If you are currently an NCSU affiliate (facutly, staff, or currently enrolled student - excludes alumni), simply register through the above linked Registration Form. We cannot offer you a free Virtual Campus course code unless you are already faculty or staff, or have already enrolled as a student. Once you've enrolled, there may be time prior to classes starting when you can take the prerequisite Virtual Campus course(s).

4) What courses are available?
All courses are listed on the ESRI Course Listing webpage. Many of the courses are listed as "Free" in which case you do not need to request a code through this process. Anyone may take free courses at any time.

5) How many courses may I take?
There is currently no limit on the total number of courses taken over time.

6) What software do I need?
Consult the Required Software sections of the individual course web pages. In order to conduct the sample exercises, taking the courses will require access to a licensed copy of ArcGIS.

The Campus Information Technology Division (ITD) now distributes ESRI software for campus and home use. Consult their Software Listing for details on how to acquire what you need.

7) How do I sign up?
Complete the registration form at Be sure to provide an email address in order to receive your registration code. If you never use your NCSU email, indicate that in the comments.

8) How do I get started?
You will be provided with a registration code which will be good for one specified course. These codes may not be passed on to other individuals. Instructions for how to begin:

  1. Go To "My Training"
    Go to Click "Go To My Training." Under My Courses click "My Virtual Campus Courses." If you already have an ESRI Global Account, log in using your username and password. If you do not, click "Create Account."

  2. Start Your New Course
    Click "Start a new course". Type your 14-character Course Access Code in the field provided and click "Go." Follow the instructions on your screen.

  3. Go To Class
    From your course list, click the course title to begin.

9) After I receive my course code, how long do I have to finish the course?
A code expires one year after you receive it. Once a code has expired, you can no longer go back to that course to reference what you have studied. If you need to reference a course you have already taken but has expired, just register for it again.

10) I'm an instructor, and would like to require a Virtual Campus course for my students. How is that handled?
Complete the registration form and specify the number of students you have enrolled (Quantity field). We'll send you a batch of codes and get in touch with you about how we may help expedite distribution.

11) What if I have other questions?
Please contact Data Services with any other questions.

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