Esri's ArcGIS Online


ArcGIS Online is Esri's cloud-based platform for online GIS mapping and analysis, developing web apps, and finding data.  Additionally, an ArcGIS Online account provides access to multiple other Esri products and apps including ArcGIS Pro, Business Analyst, StoryMaps, Insights, Training Academy, and many others.  An ArcGIS Online account through NCSU is an "NCSU Organization Account," which provides a higher service level than a public ArcGIS Online account.

Go here to learn more about Esri's suite of software available for NCSU.

Requesting an ArcGIS Online Account

  1. Request an ArcGIS Online account using the Account Request Form linked from OIT's ArcGIS / Esri Products page. Accounts will be created within 0-2 days.  

  2. When you receive the invitation email to join, you must click the link in this email within 14 days to finish setting up your account and establish your password. The email will have the subject line “An invitation to join an ArcGIS Online organization, North Carolina State University.” See the screenshot below for an example:

screenshot of confirmation email

Once you have an account username and password, you can access apps from the Marketplace (filtered for Esri apps) or use the links below:

Account Usage

Accounts which have had no activity for two years will be disabled. Disabled accounts are annually purged and all content is then deleted.  Be sure to take care of your work. If you do not want to lose your work, then your account must show occasional login activity.

Many activities with ArcGIS Online, such as data storage and analysis, require organizational credits which are granted to us by Esri.  Currently individual accounts have a quota of 5000 credits. This amount of credits will be more than enough for nearly all activities as long as you don't store a really large volume of data in your account or perform multiple large data analyses.  Our organizational account has a set number of credits.  More credits may be requested by emailing OIT, but if you need to perform a big analysis, it is recommended to do it using desktop software.


See ArcGIS Online documentation, or if you have any usability questions or need further technical assistance, please contact Data & Visualization Services.