ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro ("Pro") is software that Esri is releasing to eventually replace ArcGIS Desktop. Although Esri plans to continue supporting ArcGIS Desktop into the foreseeable future, it may be worthwhile for you to consider transitioning to Pro. If you haven't yet learned Desktop, you may want to begin using Pro for your GIS work.


The latest version of ArcGIS Pro installer can be downloaded from here (Requires UNITY login). Multiple versions may be listed, but it is recommended to select the latest version. A readme.txt is included which describes each install file.

ArcGIS Pro is currently not available in our campus computing labs.

Getting Started

When you start ArcGIS Pro, a login window will appear asking for your ArcGIS Online account. To proceed, you will need an ArcGIS Online Organizational account that has been activated for Pro. If you do not have an account - or your existing account is not activated for Pro - you may make a request to Data Services and be sure to specify that you need your account activated for ArcGIS Pro. Currently, using an AGO account is the only means for licensing that Esri is providing to academic sites.

Learn More

Search the web to learn more about Pro - there are many helpful web pages provided by Esri and others with further documentation and Pro discussion that will answer most of your questions. Also feel free to contact Data Services at any time with questions.