Program Outline


The cohort meets once a week for discussion and shared learning. The fourth week will be dedicated to individual project sprints (up to 2 hours) with the incubator team and/or other experts.

Potential Topics:

  • Open Workflows
  • Tools for Open and Reproducible Research
  • Collaboration from Authorship to Contributorship
  • Open Infrastructure
  • Communicating Research and Scholarship to Peers and Public
  • Documentation Practices for Evaluation
  • Transparency
  • Metrics and Impact
  • Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable (FAIR)
  • Intellectual Property, Author's Rights, and Fair Use
  • Publishing and/or Scholarly Sharing

Program Goals:

  • Identify one shift in practice toward open ("open intervention")
  • Develop a research, teaching, or publishing project infused with open principles, and ultimately findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable
  • Foster an environment where participants can refine their projects through discussion, development, and informal peer review within the cohort
  • To provide participants with tools and strategies to
    1. communicate to a public audience;
    2. sustain projects beyond completion; and
    3. get credit for new forms of research

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the purpose of your project, defining the need that it meets and why the university, discipline, and/or public should care
  • Understand what resources are available to you on NCSU’s campus, including identifying potential collaborators and which offices or individuals provide support
  • Determine which tools and methods are best suited for your project, and further understand the role of tools and methods in the outcome of your project
  • Understand and address the public benefit of your work 
  • Articulate what happens with your project once you are done working on it, especially how the project may be preserved or maintained
  • Explore best practices for documentation of research processes, collaborations, and outputs


Participants will produce - 

Diagram of project workflow

Summary of an open intervention that will be employed in the project

Draft of a communication strategy, including public and peer components

Proof of concept