Author Identifiers

Your Brand

In order to accurately present and measure your impact, you need to get credit for all of your research. Increasing globalization, non-standard naming conventions, changing institutions—there are many reasons why your identity might be confused with another researcher’s. Author identifiers are meant to help you disambiguate your name and create a common authority link between all of your research.

  • Open Researcher and Contributor ID - ORCID (free)

A non-profit organization which provides unique persistent digital identifiers to researchers so that they can distinguish themselves from other researchers with similar names.

Provides unique identifiers to help deal with the author ambiguity problem. ResearcherID information integrates with the Web of Science and is ORCID compliant.

Allows you to set up an author profile, view citation metrics for your publications, and set email alerts notifying you when your publication is cited.

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