ESRI Data and Maps for ArcGIS, ArcGIS StreetMap USA (2006)

AlertPlease Note: The 2006 version of Esri Data and Maps was the last version that was extensively cataloged into the Libraries' GIS Lookup database. More recent data are available, but not cataloged. See Esri Data and Maps general webpage.

A wide variety of feature and attribute data are available on a 5 DVD-set that is delivered with ArcGIS 9.2. This data is network accessible to NCSU users. World, U.S. general, U.S. detailed, Canada, Mexico and European data are available. The vector data are in Smart Data Compression (SDC) format and the imagery are in various raster formats; and are generally in geographic coordinates/decimal degrees (US data generally NAD 83). For detailed information see the ESRI Data & Maps Help (NCSU) or the Data & Maps (ESRI) page.

What's New in 9.2: See the What's new in ESRI Data & Maps page for a full listing of what's new. Highlights include:

  • A stand-alone "Data Distribution Application" that converts SDC data files directly to shapefiles.
  • Pre-created map documents (MXDs) for basemaps and thematic maps
  • 90-meter Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) dataset
  • Previous versions have included layer files on the DVDs, but they were not cataloged into GIS Lookup. However, all layer files have been cataloged for the 2006 version to aid in finding useful attribute themes.

Networked Access

The ESRI Data collection is currently accessible via the Geodata Server or FTP to The data can be found in the /esri2006 directory and are organized into subdirectories.

For detailed data listings, and to see expanded descriptions and additional data layer information, click one of the following links:

Library Access

The DVDs will soon be available for use in DH Hill Library, and will be stored in the Reference Area GIS cabinet of DH Hill Library under call number G70.212 .E77 2006. Contact Data Services if you need the DVDs prior to May 2007.


Much of the data has been provided by multiple, third party data vendors under license to ESRI for inclusion on ESRI Data & Maps CD-ROMs for use with ESRI software. In general, most of the data is licensed for use by NCSU affiliates only in conjunction with the ESRI site license and redistribution is not allowed unless otherwise specified. See the Redistribution Rights page for a listing of dataset distribution restrictions.

Previous Versions

Previous versions of ESRI Data and Maps are still available: 1999 Data for ArcView 3.2, 2000 Data for ArcGIS 8.1, 2003 Data for ArcGIS 8.3, and 2004 Data for ArcGIS 9.0.

ESRI Data & Maps for 2002 was not documented here, or loaded onto the Geodata server, but is available from Data Services.

ESRI Data and Maps 2005 version was not cataloged due to there not being significant changes from 2004. In 2006, ESRI released an "updated" version of 2005 Data and Maps. The 2005 version and 2006 updates are all available from