ESRI Maps and Data

Esri Maps and Data is a broad compilation of vector and raster data created and maintained by Esri.

Current data releases are made through the Esri Maps and Data Group

Latest Version

The latest Maps and Data version released by Esri was in 2014 (as of 12/2014). The contents have been copied to the Geodata Server under /esri2014. (Access requires an active NCSU UNITY ID). Click Here to see the help documentation.

The easiest way to download multiple files is to use Microsoft Internet Explorer (not kidding) and press Alt, click View, and then click Open FTP Site in File Explorer.

The last version of Maps and Data to include StreetMap USA was 2013, which is also on the geodata server. Just replace "2014" in the links above with "2013". Note that this version of StreetMap USA provided by Esri is actually 2009 TomTom data.

Legacy Versions

Since 1999, Esri has either sent annual data updates on DVDs or provided DVD image files to license holders. NCSU Libraries has retained these DVDs and iso files for anyone who needs the legacy data. Contact Data Services.

The 2006 Esri Data and Maps collection was extensiviely cataloged and documented by NCSU Libraries, and it's webpage is still online.