Rules on Overdue Materials

The following rules and procedures apply to overdue and unreturned library materials.

  • Daily fines for most overdue materials are not assessed. See note below concerning fines on recalled, reserve, and electronic lending items.
  • Books that have not been returned or renewed by 60 days past their due dates are treated as "lost" and bills are issued for them.
  • The amount billed is $100 (default) for replacement plus a standard $25 processing cost per item.
  • For books that are returned or renewed more than 60 days past their due dates, the $25 processing fee is still owed.
  • For books that are lost, actual replacement costs are calculated at the time of payment or upon request; the processing cost remains at $25 per book. In lieu of the $100 replacement fee, a replacement book may be purchased by the patron and brought to the library; however, the purchased book must be the same edition as the one that was lost, as determined by the Libraries' Collections & Research Strategy Department. Patrons may therefore want to provide detailed information to library staff about the edition they intend to purchase before actually doing so.
  • Library borrowing privileges are suspended for accounts that have books more than 60 days overdue or unpaid balances.
  • An Appeals Committee appointed by the University Library Committee considers cases that involve extraordinary circumstances. See Petition/Appeal Process.
  • Fines for recalled items are $3.00 per day (maximum $50.00). Fines for reserve materials are $1.00 per hour (2 hour reserves) and $1.00 per day (1 day and 3 day reserves), and, for electronic devices in the Technology Lending Program, $10.00 per hour.
  • Renewal limits are as follows:
    • NCSU Undergraduates - 3 renewals
    • NCSU Graduate Students - no limit
    • NCSU Staff - 3 renewals
    • NCSU Faculty - no limit
    • Cooperating Raleigh Colleges - no renewals
    • All other borrowers - 1 renewal

Renewing Materials

You may renew your books via your Library Account

Further Information

Details on library borrowing eligibility and rules can also be found on the FAQ on overdue and renewal rules. You may also send questions to, or inquire at any Libraries' Ask Us center or circulation desk.

The full version of the Library Materials Management Rule (REG. 02.60.2) is available on the university Policies, Regulations, and Rules (PRRs) web site.