Alt-Textbook Project

The NC State University Libraries & DELTA are committed to fostering change in the current textbook publishing environment. The Libraries’ Open Knowledge Center is available to partner with faculty members on licensing resources, using digital repositories, and creating and publishing their own open educational resources. The Alt-Textbook Project empowers faculty to innovate pedagogically, enhance access for NC State students to high-quality, tailored educational materials, and reduce the financial burden of expensive textbooks.

About the Project

The Alt-Textbook Project awards grants to faculty to adopt, adapt, or create free or low-cost alternatives to expensive textbooks. In Fall 2014, the Libraries awarded the first round of grants, saving NC State students more than $250,000 in the one year. Since then, the Project has become a nationally recognized leader in supporting teaching and learning that is more equitable and effective. The Libraries, in collaboration with DELTA, currently offers the following Open Education grants to NC State faculty instructors: 

  • Review an Open Textbook to help you find an open textbook that would be appropriate for your class or a class in your department and review it with the potential to later adopt it as course materials. 
  • Adapt/Adopt/Create an Open Textbook grants are designed to support students by using free or low-cost materials that replaces a textbook they otherwise must purchase. 
  • Open Pedagogy grants that support instruction that does something a textbook can’t do. This might be creating a series of videos, designing a Wiki Education course, or experimenting with a way of teaching that’s totally new!
  • Department/Group Adoption supports collaborative projects with at least two instructors taking part in adopting/adapting/creating open textbooks into their course(s). 

How to Apply

All NC State University faculty teaching courses in the 2024-2025 academic year are eligible to apply.

  1. (Optional) We recommend a short 30-minute consultation with our Librarian for Student Success & Affordability, David Tully, prior to submitting your application. We can answer your questions about the program and give you tips for a successful application.
  2. (Optional) Review past courses which have been supported by the Alt-Textbook Project, and other reasons to participate.
  3. Submit your application using our online form by Friday, May 5, 2024.
  4. We will contact you by email regarding the status of your application.