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Past Spotlights


by Lunchbox Blues

This is the product of my friend and I sitting in a room together for 5 hours


by Hongjie Xie

It is a sad song

Changing the Game

by EssenT

A distinctive and idiosyncratic experiment in the "hip-hop" genre, with influences of both mainstream rap and electronica. Best paired with some jazz cigarettes enjoyed on a $49 futon from Walmart.


by JP

This is a tribute to my late Grandfather.

Book of Daniel

by Jstan Smith

Gospel song on the book of Daniel that will possibly help lift God's name

Chongqing Under Attack

by Highlong

"Does Chongqing has something that would make people hate the city?" "Yes!"



I did this a month ago, still not sure about how it sound.

Between the Bars Cover

by meetyourmothers

One of my early covers of Between the Bars by Elliott Smith. Production quality is kind of bad, but love the song so, yeah.


by Carl Colglazier

Thebes is inspired by the ancient Greek tragedy Antigone. The play, written by Sophocles many years ago, tells a tale of conflict between law and justice and a grave consequence of power. The piece was primarily created using a combination of additive synthesis and temporally distorted acoustic instruments and was my final project for ARS306 at North Carolina State University.


by George Anninos & Sindhoor Ambati

Little bit of this and that w some super dope vocal backing by Sindhoor and some banjo but mostly asking the question - what are we doing all this for and what do we have to show for it. What do we do it for


by Tom Karches

Written for MUS306 in 2013. Used Pure Data software and Markov chains to convert existing MIDI data into a new composition with only wind and windchime samples. Massive overlay of notes created complex harmonic sounds.


by Sand Pact

A demonic marriage of Diamanda Galas and Nina Hagen to invoke quarrel in house of enemies. Released on the total solar eclipse 8/21/17.

From the Lab of Dr. K. P. A. Johnson

by Benjamin Davis

Beginning any new audio project can be a challenge. Sometimes, limitation is the key to success. Benjamin Davis, a freshman at NCSU studying electrical engineering, discovered a platform that not only keeps him motivated and inspired, but also connects him with producers from around the world who are happy to provide feedback and support.

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by Mikayla Welker

"You Are My Sunshine" seems like such a happy and sweet song, but the lyrics are actually quite creepy. I recorded a cover of it in a minor key to really accentuate that and show the importance of key in music.