Shaun Bennett


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Research Librarian for Business, Education, and Immersive Pedagogy

Phone: (919) 515-5232


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Subject Specialist Areas

  • Education
  • Management


  • French (Beginner Reading, Writing, & Speaking)
  • Old Norse (Intermediate Reading)

Selected Works

Recent Works

  • The Peer Scholars Program: Leveraging Paid Peer Teaching at the Libraries

    Bennett, S. R., Carter, A., Lewis, D., & Hallman, S. (2022). The Peer Scholars Program: Leveraging Paid Peer Teaching at the Libraries. In A. Hartsell-Gundy, K. Duckett, & S. Morris (Eds.), Learning in Action: Designing Successful Graduate Student Work Experiences in Academic Libraries (pp. 149–158). Retrieved from

  • Dis/Information: Teaching Information Literacy with Feminist and Open Pedagogies

    Rainey, H., Fountaine, L., & Bennett, S. (2021). Dis/Information: Teaching Information Literacy with Feminist and Open Pedagogies. ACRL 2021.

  • How to Become a Business Liaison Librarian

    Hoffler, K., Garrison, B., & Bennett, S. (2021, June). How to Become a Business Liaison Librarian. In Cooperating Raleigh Colleges Library Workshop. Retrieved from

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Shout-outs From My Colleagues

I would like to give a big shout out to Emily, Shaun, Kristy, and Hillary F. for their work to create and deliver presentations for our soft launch of a publishing workshop series for NC State! They presented fantastic, relevant, and timely content and they brought their experience, expertise, and energy to make the workshops fun and engaging. They helped to create the foundation of a series of workshops on publishing for the NC State community that will carry on into the future.

— Hilary Davis

Shaun, thank you so very much for jumping in and helping me with a last minute request to give a self-guided tour of our amazing library to one of our valuable employer partners!!! It is such a pleasure working with you and I appreciate your dedication and knowledge and your willingness to go above and beyond to make NC State the prestigious University that it is. I could not have pulled the tour together without you and I am grateful for your help!!! Best, Connie Fowler (Poole College of Management)

— Connie Fowler

Recently I received an enthusiastic message of appreciation from a faculty member in the Poole College of Management for Shaun Bennett's outstanding work. He had emailed Shaun a request for some articles in an accessible format, and he shared that "within 24 hours I had those articles.... [Shaun] also cross-checked the articles with the Disability Resource Office to ensure that what he had was in line with what was needed.... Initiative, responsiveness, and expertise, all of those traits were quite evident, even while we were on winter break hours." The faculty member went on to praise Shaun as a "hidden hero" for helping him and his students to succeed. Hannah Rainey, Assoc. Head of Research Engagement, adds, "This recognition is very well deserved. Shaun is trustworthy and consistent in all the work he does to support the NC State community. I'll add my kudos and say that Shaun is also a joy to work with." Thank you, Shaun! You're terrific!

— Carolyn Argentati & Hannah Rainey