A Personal Librarian Program for Transfer Students

A  program for transfer students where each new transfer student is assigned a personal librarian.


The Personal Librarian Program for Transfer Students assigns each incoming transfer student their own personal librarian. Personal Librarians provide students with a human connection to the Libraries. They can connect students to the Libraries' many resources and services and make introductions to subject experts elsewhere in the Libraries. Personal Librarians reach out to students three times during their first semester at NC State University. These communications contain timely information about the Libraries and offer students the opportunity to schedule an appointment with their Personal Librarian. 

How We Did It

The Personal Librarian Program for Transfer Students was piloted in Fall 2019 with six personal librarians. Students were assigned to librarians based on college and were contacted three times throughout the semester: during the second week, around midterms, and the week before finals.

The Libraries partnered with the Office of Advising Technology to incorporate the program into NC State University's advising software Student Success GPS (University branded EAB). This allowed us to use GPS's built in campaign and appointment features. The campaign feature sends emails out to librarians' assigned students which contained our messages about the Libraries resources and services as well as a link to schedule an appointment through GPS. Librarians synced their Google Calendars with GPS which gave students the ability to see availability and directly schedule the appointments.

Appointments usually involved a brief overview or tour of the one of our libraries, as well as a time for us to answer any specific questions students may have. To incentivize them to meet with us we offered a "Transfer Student Care Package" which they received at their first visit. This contained items such as a pen, notebook, sticky book, and travel mug. 


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