University Archives: Transferring Records

Please contact the University Archives if you have questions about transferring materials or if you are unsure if your materials should be transferred.

Step 1:  Determine which records to transfer.

  • Find your records in the approved records retention and disposition schedules.
  • Send only those records for which the disposition in the farthest right column says "Transfer to the custody of the University Archives."
  • Contact the University Archives if you have questions about whether or not your records require permanent retention in the University Archives.

Step 2:  Submit transmittal form.

  • Fill out the online transmittal form.
  • Be aware that you are limited in the amount of space you can type for each field.
  • Please fill in all required fields, or else you will not be able to submit the form.
  • One required field is "List Box or Folder Contents."  Use the example below.  You may also create a list separate from the form, such as an Excel spreadsheet or Word file.  If you do this, just indicate in the field "Separate list available."  When you submit the form we'll contact you about obtaining the list.


College of Engineering, Office of the Dean
Correspondence, 2004-2005
Box 1 A-E
Box 2 F-L
Box 3 M-S

When the University Archives receives your transmittal submission, we will contact you to arrange for the pickup of your boxes.

Step 3:  Box records

  • Once University Archives staff has indicated to you that we will pick up your records, you may box them.
  • Remove records from your filing cabinet, keeping files in order.
  • Place records in standard bankers boxes (12" w x 15" l x 10" h).  Contact the archives staff if you need boxes this size or have odd size items that do not fit in bankers boxes.
  • Try to fill boxes.  If you need to put more than one category of record in a box, separate them with a labeled sheet of paper.
  • Please do not hook hanging files on the box edges.  This keeps lids for fitting on boxes.  Instead, orient letter hanging files with the legal dimension (15" side) of the box.

Step 4:  Label boxes

  • Use the following example to label each box.  Place labels on the front side (12" side) of box.


TO:  University Archives, D.H. Hill Library, Room G142
FROM:  John Doe, Department of Plant Biology
Box 1 of 6

Step 5:  Upload electronic files

You should also transfer electronic files (Word, Excel, PDF, Google docs, etc.) to the University Archives.  We currently use Google Drive to transfer electronic files, but we can also use other tools.  Please contact the University Archives for instructions.

After the University Archives receives your records, we will send you an acknowledgment and confirmation that will include information on how you may access these materials in the University Archives in the future.

If you have questions about transferring materials, contact the University Archives:

Contact via web
Telephone:  (919) 515-2273