About The Technical Report Series Collection

About The Technical Report series Collection

The Technical Reports Series Collection contains scholarly or research-oriented technical report series created by colleges, departments, institutes, and research centers at NC State University. The repository includes fulltext of technical reports along with data sets and audiovisual materials associated with individual reports.

Who can contribute content?

Current NC State faculty members, researchers, and staff may submit content on behalf of a college, department, institute, and/or research center.

What kinds of technical reports are included in the collection?

Priority for including technical reports and technical report series in the Digital Repository is based on the following criteria:

  • The technical report series is of substantial scope and quality.
  • The technical report series must be sponsored by a university entity, such as a college, department, institute, or research center.
  • The technical report series fits within the scope of the library collection and the research/teaching priorities of the university.

How to submit content

To arrange for submission of a technical report series please contact repository staff at repository@ncsu.edu.

Individual technical reports may be submitted to the Scholary Publications Repository.