Share research and scholarship in the repository

Submitting to the repository

Submissions to the repository can be made by filling out the submission form. If you have questions as to whether the repository is the best place for work in your discipline, we recommend contacting your subject specialist librarian and consulting the Libraries’ resources regarding data repositories and scholarly sharing platforms. General questions about appropriate content may be directed via email to

Who can contribute content

Current NC State faculty members, graduate students, and research staff may share works in the repository.

Former NC State affiliates may contribute content, with endorsement by the appropriate college, unit, or departmental authority.


The repository contains scholarly or research-oriented works acceptable for publication and works already published, such as books and chapters, journal articles, patents, technical reports, conference papers or proceedings, software, and data sets, along with digital audiovisual media or other associated materials. Other publications appropriate to particular disciplines or artistic works may be included upon request of a college, unit, or departmental authority.

The works in the repository are intended to be permanent contributions, not ephemeral works in progress, and should be ready for public dissemination.

Collection policies are currently being updated (Fall 2022).

If you need to submit a citation (not full text) for inclusion on your faculty profile page, visit the Citation Index.