Microwave and RF Design Open Textbook

Microwave and RF Design is a series of five open textbooks published by NC State University and distributed through UNC Press. 


Microwave and RF Design by Dr. Michael Steer, the Lampe Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is a series of five volumes published by NC State University and distributed through UNC Press. The open access textbooks are freely available from the NC State University Libraries, and available for low-cost print-on-demand from UNC Press.

How We Did It

Dr. Steer approached the libraries with a fully developed textbook after his publisher reverted the copyrights back to him. Over a series of months, the Copyright and Digital Scholarship Center established a partnership with UNC Press Office of Scholarly Publishing Services (OSPS), and shepherded the volumes through the UNC Press OSPS publishing workflow, including:

  • basic agreements between all parties
  • assignment of ISBNs and DOIs to the textbooks
  • storage and access solution for the open access files
  • decisions about open licensing of the material for reuse
  • contracted cover design
  • planning for increased discovery and promotion of the textbooks

Dr. Steer utilized these textbooks in his Fall and Spring 2019-2020 courses, and the libraries continues to monitor download counts as a marker of the reach and impact of these works.