Welcome Pack!

The Special Collections Research Center would like to offer a sincere welcome to all new and returning students!

If you've never used the Special Collections Research Center before - maybe this is the year! As a repository for primary source documents , the Special Collections Research Center is a one of a kind resource. Our collecting areas reflect the strengths of the university - Architecture and Design , Veterinary Medicine and Forestry and Environmental Sciences are only a few. Did you know we also have collections in the areas of Agricultural Innovation , Animal Rights and Welfare , and Zoological Health ? How about History of Computing , Textiles , Plant and Crop Sciences , Engineering , Entomology and Landscape Architecture ?

Each collecting area has anywhere from just a few to several hundred collections. These collections are organized and searchable through collection guides , which provide a basic inventory of the contents of a collection. Collection guides allow you to narrow your search from several hundred possible boxes to just a few - something that can make a huge difference in the amount of material you have to go through!

The Special Collections Research Center also has a fantastic site for digitized materials. The Rare and Unique Digital Collections page hosts thousands of digitized items. University Archives photographs can be found here, along with architectural drawings, student organization constitutions, and Cooperative Extension materials to name just a few.  NCSU sports lovers can also view photographs and coaches' films taken from the bleachers and used for training purposes.

N.C. State vs. University of Houston in the 1983 NCAA Championship

In short, the Special Collections Research Center has a wealth of material available to the campus community. We hope to see you soon!

For more information on accessing materials in the Special Collections Research Center, please contact us at library_specialcollections@ncsu.edu