Animal Rights and Animal Welfare

Collection Highlights

Animal Rights and Animal Welfare Pamphlets, 1874-1952 (MC 456)

This collection is comprised of nearly 400 rare pamphlets and other works relating to animal advocacy, animal rights, and animal welfare. Of significant scholarly and historical importance, the collection spans a period of over eighty years from the 1870s to the 1950s, and includes a wealth of promotional, advocacy, and educational materials that shed light upon the moral, social, medical, and political dimensions of this complex social movement. 

Animal Rights Network Records, 1903-2003 (MC 351)

The Animal Rights Network was founded in 1979 in order to unite local, national, and international animal rights groups to achieve common goals facing animal rights activists. Key issues of concern included live animal experimentation, exploitation of animals for sport and entertainment, intensive breeding and slaughter of domestic animals for food, and irresponsible pet ownership. The group used its resources to develop advertising campaings and publications in order to educate the public about animal rights issues. The Animal Rights Network Records contain correspondence, office files, reports, clippings, publications, mailings, and audiovisual resources documenting the activities of the Animal Rights Network in advocating for the ethical and humane treatment of animals. 

Animal Welfare Institute Records, 1930-2003 (MC 344)

The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) Records document the organization’s work to reduce the suffering of animals in research laboratories and other experimental environments. The AWI, founded in 1951 by Christine Stevens, later expanded its efforts to monitor animals in the wild, in farms, and in other captive environments. The records of the AWI include administrative files of both the AWI and the Society for Animal Protective Legislation (SAPL), subject files on animals the organization works to protect, files on legislation that SAPL has been involved with, files on the work of other animal rights groups, and subject files on regional activities, publications, books, photographs, and audiovisual materials. 

Argus Archives Records, 1914, 1931-2004 (MC 338)

The Argus Archives served as a resource for other humane organizations around the world. The material collected by the Argus Archives focuses on the daily treatment of animals and characterizes the efforts of humane organizations in North America, Europe, and Asia to stop abuse through humane education and legislation. 

Culture and Animals Foundation Collection, 1985-2001 (MC 320)

The Culture and Animals Foundation (CAF) is a nonprofit cultural organization committed to fostering the growth of intellectual and artistic endeavors united by a positive concern for animals. Founded in 1985 by Nancy and Tom Regan, the CAF exists to expand understanding and appreciation of animals and to improve the ways in which they are treated in human society. The collections include historical and financial records, correspondence, programs, artistic portfolios, and other items dating from 1985 to the present. 

Esther Mechler Papers, 1974-2004 (MC 322) 

The Esther Mechler Papers document Mechler’s interest and participation in the animal rights movement. In 1990 she founded SPAY/USA, a national referral service for low-cost spay/neutering. The organization is now considered one of the largest spay/neuter advocacy and referral programs in the world. 

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Research Files, 1980-2001 (MC 353) 

The research files of PETA contain records that document animal rights issues from around the world. The subjects addressed in the materials include smuggling and poaching, genetic engineering, drug testing, and various issues pertaining to animal testing. 

Tom Regan Papers, 1951-2001 (MC 236) 

The Tom Regan Papers document the career of NCSU Philosophy Professor Tom Regan. His work provides much of the philosophical and ethical underpinnings for the contemporary animal rights movement in the United States. This collection contains correspondence, research files, drafts, published articles, audio visual materials, and artifacts. The primary foci of the collection are Tom Regan's two lifelong professional interests: animal rights and the moral philosophy of G. E. Moore. These two subjects are treated fully through Regan's notes, writings, and presentations, as well as through film and audio projects. 

Wim Dekok Animal Rights Collection, 1930-2015 (MC 566)

The Wim Dekok Animal Rights Collection consists of publications, leaflets, clippings, articles, and photographs from national and international animal rights organizations. These materials, compiled by Wim DeKok, span many countries, including Germany, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Australia. Subsequently, they are published in a variety of languages, most notably English, German, French, Dutch, and Spanish. Topics include animal cruelty, vivisection, the meat industry, strays and pet keeping, whaling, fur, and bullfighting. The collection includes correspondence from Prof. Sjoerd Hofstra (1898-1983) of the Netherlands, former Chairman (1961-1973) of the World Federation for the Protection of Animals.


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