Catch up with a Libraries student scholarship awardee: Simone Smith

Simone Smith, Libraries student scholarship awardee

Simone Smith, Libraries student scholarship awardee

The NC State University Libraries awards a number of part-scholarships every year to our outstanding Libraries student workers as part of our efforts to support student success and affordability. Since 2018, we've awarded 35 scholarships of varying amounts totalling $119,000. For the academic year 2022–23, philanthropic support for the Libraries Student Scholarship Fund has allowed us to support 10 of our talented students with scholarships worth $36,000 in total. This profile is one in a series that lets our scholarship winners tell their stories.

A junior studying Applied Education Studies, Applied Mathematics, and Mathematics, Simone Smith works in the Access Services department at the Libraries. A childhood fascination with the Weather Channel led her into the study of meteorology, which has expanded into an interest in mathematics through its use in weather modeling and forecasting.

What are your hobbies and activities outside of school?

Some of my hobbies include exercising and watching various sports. I also enjoy watching arts-related activities like dance performances. On campus I am involved with some non-academic organizations like the Krispy Kreme Challenge.

Why did you choose to work at the Libraries? What roles have libraries played in your life in general?

I chose to work at the Libraries because I've always liked the library environment. I also have an older sibling who worked at the Libraries while they were an undergraduate student at NC State.

Growing up, I remember taking trips to the local library during track-out to check out books and other materials. I also remember that one of our specials in elementary school was the Media Center/Library. It was a place to foster the enjoyment of learning and for utilizing some of their resources. It was also nice getting to interact with community and K-12 school librarians. The library continues to play a role in my life now, as it is a place where I can come in and study/work on things (along with being able to work at!).

I also know the Libraries has some nice resources/workshops/events which I can take part in/utilize while I am currently a student.

What do you hope to do after you graduate?

After graduation, I am not 100% sure of what I would like to do. I am currently interested in engaging in an applied math-related career field or going into the content development/learning and development/instructional design field. One of my professional goals is to engage in a couple of internships throughout my time in college to gain professional experience and exposure to both of those career areas and to be able to explore different career opportunities in general.

No matter what career path I take however, I hope to be able to continue to serve my local community whether through one-day events or more long-term opportunities.

What have you learned through your work at the Libraries? How does your work at the Libraries support or lead into your post-graduation plans?

One thing I have learned from working at the Libraries is the process that goes in getting books from other libraries across the state/country and even the world. Working with Interlibrary Loan I have the opportunity to see books come in from institutions across the country and the process it goes through to get to university affiliates and the students/staff at NC State.

I believe that my work at the Libraries supports my post-graduation plans because it has reminded me that there are continual opportunities to learn something outside of just the typical class setting. There are a lot of books on numerous topics, and coming across a variety of books each day, there is often a book or two that catches my attention.

No matter what my exact post-graduation path looks like, I want to continue to find enjoyment in learning about subjects. Books/short articles/magazines are one of the many ways that can possibly happen.

How will a Libraries scholarship help you on your educational/personal path? Is there anything specific that the scholarship will enable or help you to do?

Receiving this scholarship will allow me to continue to pursue my academic/professional goals while being able to have time to devote to other extracurricular and community activities. I am truly grateful and honored to have been selected as a scholarship recipient this year.

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