Esri E-Learning Training

With the generous support of Esri, unlimited E-Learning Training (formerly known as Virtual Campus) online GIS training courses are available to NCSU affiliates at no charge. E-Learning for NCSU is administered by the NCSU Libraries.

Request Access

Click this image to see important components of the Esri Training Site.

There are two ways for NCSU affiliates to get access to E-Learning courses.

  1. With an Esri account (formerly known as an Esri Global Account), which you create at and activate via an invitation email (activation instructions are below).
  2. With an ArcGIS Online account that Data Services will create upon request, that has had "Esri Access" enabled.

Both of these methods require requesting assistance by emailing Data Services. When you email, please specify which method you prefer, or that you have no preference. Also, please state if you already have one or both of these accounts, so all we'll have to do is activate them for E-Learning. (If you anticipate becoming a regular GIS user, you should go ahead and create both accounts).

Instructors who would like for their students to have access: please simply email your request to Data Services and include a list of student email addresses.

Note: A course labeled as FREE does not require access activation of your Esri account, but you might as well request access anyway for future courses you may want to take.

Activate Access for your Esri account

Within 0-2 days after requesting access from Data Services, you will receive an email from Esri with the subject "Invitation to Take Esri Training" containing an activation link for getting started. Before clicking the link and activateing E-Learning, you must first be logged in to your Esri account.

  • Open a new browser tab and go to to sign up for an Esri account in the upper right corner or log in with your existing account. You must be logged in to your Esri account for E-Learning to activate so keep that browser tab open.
  • Activate E-Learning from the Esri email by clicking the "Get Started" button.

Tip: If you get an error message, try logging out and back in, closing and re-opening your browser, or clearing your cookies and cache. Basically, begin a fresh login and try to activate again.

After creating your Esri account and activating it for E-Learning, you may go to Esri Training at any time and choose the online courses you wish to take. In the Catalog search, under the Learning Formats filter, choose "E-Learning." If you are successfully activated, each course will display an unlocked padlock icon.

If you have further questions, please contact Data Services.