City of Raleigh GIS Data

The City of Raleigh's Geographic Information Systems Division cooperates with Wake County GIS to maintain an extensive collection of data that is available for download and online mapping (IMAPS). Use one of the above links to access the most current data available for Raleigh or Wake County, NC.

The city also maintains numerous datasets for download from their Open Raleigh data portal.

More static data are available from the Geodata Server. These include Raleigh Planimetrics, Topography, Historic City Boundaries, and Orthophotos (discussed below).

Click here to search GIS Lookup for all of NCSU Libraries' Raleigh data holdings.


NCSU Libraries has a large collection of orthophotos covering the City of Raleigh, as well as all of Wake County, summarized in a table on the Wake County page.

2004 Raleigh orthophoto of NCSU Brickyard prior to Atrium renovation.

Older Data

Data obtained in 1999 from the City of Raleigh is available in DXF format only on CD-ROM from Data Services.

Data obtained in 2001 is available on the Geodata server.

Use the GIS Lookup link above to search NCSU Libraries' holdings.

Some shapefiles are broken up into city quadrants. DXF files are broken up into map tile areas.

Below is an illustration of the 'roads' layers as it is broken up into the four quadrants:

Raleigh quadrants

Note: The City of Raleigh GIS Division requires that we inform users that this data is not being supplied by the original source and that City of Raleigh GIS Division accepts no responsibility for its currency or accuracy.