Neuse River Basin Land Cover Land Use (EPA)

NLCD: North Carolina

Land cover/land use geo-dataset derived from SPOT and Landsat 7 ETM+ imagery. This data was developed by the US EPA Landscape Characterization Branch, Research Triangle Park, to support studies requiring high-resolution (15 meter) land use/land cover data. Source time period dates range from Oct. 1998 to March 1999.

Processing overview from metadata: "Classification of SPOT 4 (XS) and Landsat 7 ETM+ imagery performed using a hybrid approach that combined both supervised and unsupervised image classification techniques. GIS layers were used to refine classifications using a 'rule based' method. Final 15 meter classification was generalized to a .1 hectare minimum mapping unit (MMU) in riparian zone (within 30 meters of streams, river shorelines, etc.) and a .4 hectare MMU outside the riparian zone. ERDAS Imagine format file was then converted to ESRI Arc/Info GRID format using the IMAGEGRID command."

Classification: 49-class land cover, land use classification scheme (NCSU only)

Data Specifications: This data is available as an ArcInfo Grid dataset in State Plane NAD 83, feet. The data was originally in Albers Conical Equal Area projection and was reprojected by Triangle J Council of Governments. (NOTE: That the metadata does not indicate the change in projection).

NCSU Data Access

The grid is available on the Geodata Server at:

The Grid file is 31.9 mb. There is also a metadata file (reprojection to State Plane 83/feet not indicated), a classification scheme and a VAT file.

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