NOAA C-CAP Land Cover and Change Analysis

From NOAA--"The Coastal Change Analysis Program (C-CAP) is a national effort to develop and distribute regional land cover and change analysis data for the coastal zone by using remote sensing technology. In addition to data development, C-CAP establishes guidelines and standards for developing digital, regional land cover and change data along the nation's coastal zone. The data used in this program are created from a combination of satellites and fieldwork. C-CAP classifies land cover types into 22 standardized classes that include forested areas, urban areas, and wetlands."

The C-CAP data uses 22 classes and a 484-class change detection analysis scheme, see: C-CAP Classification Scheme.

For other land cover data options, see the Libraries' Land Use/Land Cover webpage.

For other coastal data options, see the Libraries' Coastal GIS Data webpage.

Data Availability and Extents

C-CAP land cover change data is available in .img format, in UTM (zone varies). Data for the Southeast U.S. are available in ArcInfo grid format on the Libraries data server. Data coverage extends well inland from the coastlines, and includes most of the US shoreline. Typically, data are tiled by state and are organized into three datasets per state: starting time land cover, ending time land cover, and land cover change.

Go to C-CAP Data Download page for download links and to see the coverage extents. As of February 2009, the latest land cover data available for most of the Southeast Region were from 2001.

Several years ago, data for Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Chesapeake Bay were converted to ArcInfo grid format and made accessible on the Libraries data server at:

Data available online, and data available on the NCSU Geodata server have different extents. This is because the NCSU data were downloaded and converted a number of years ago. Since then, the extents of the data online have been modified by the Coastal Services Center to fit together more seamlessly. Below are maps showing the extents of NCSU's data:

C-CAP coverage in the Southeast US (NCSU Holdings):

C-CAP coverage in North Carolina (NCSU Holdings):

ArcView 3.x Extensions

Two ArcView 3.X Extensions are available for working with these data:

  • C-CAP Data Handler Extension
    This extension makes use of Spatial Analyst functionality to facilitate user access to and manipulate of C-CAP land cover and change analysis data. It requires the Spatial Analyst extension. It imports the C-CAP data and converts to ArcInfo grid format. The extension can be used to apply standard C-CAP legend, clip grids to a shapefile or buffer, generate statistical change tables, analyze groups of related pixels, compare land cover changes in specific classes.
  • C-CAP Legend Handler Extension for ArcView
    This extension will provide data displaying options for ERDAS Imagine files (*.img) and does not require Spatial Analyst. The C-CAP Legend Handler extension will allow users to display C-CAP raster data (Imagine files *.img) and the legend in ArcView; display the data with the standard C-CAP classification or a generalized classification scheme; specify particular classes to be displayed; and view C-CAP change data.