Internet of Things

"The Internet of Things (IoT) is a blending of software and hardware, introducing intelligence and connectedness to objects and adding physical endpoints to software. Radical changes in the hardware development process have made the IoT—and its vast possibility—accessible to anyone." — Jon Bruner & Mike Loukides, O'Reilly Media

You can use the tools of the IoT for all sorts of projects, such as designing products like smart watches and door locks, logging data for field research, prototyping "smart home" lighting or energy monitoring, and much, much more. 

Radically affordable WiFi modules like the ESP8266 and modular, easy-to-set-up web services like IFTTT (see below) make this exciting development in technology available to all. 

IoT Wi-Fi Access on Campus

For an on-campus solution, the Libraries has partnered with NCSU's Office of Information Technology (OIT) to create MakerspaceIOT, a more open network for experimenting with the Internet of Things in the Hill Library Makerspace.  Off campus, you should be able to set them up on your own WiFi networks.

Unfortunately, almost all IoT devices will have trouble accessing the on-campus ncsueduroam, and ncsu-guest networks because of the authentication process they require. 

IoT Services Available on the MakerspaceIOT Network

The MakerspaceIOT WiFi network is only available in the Hill Library Makerspace. This network does not require a password, but will only allow connections to certain "whitelisted" sites, listed below. These are either dedicated IoT services or sites useful for such projects.

Adafruit IO Log data online (coming soon!)
Blynk Create a custom iOS or Android app interface for your connected project.
Dropbox Store and manage files online.
Google Drive Store, manage, and interact with files online.
If This Then That Simple trigger and response actions. Connect anything to Twitter, Facebook, HUE, and 200+ other services.
LittleBits Interact with the Littlebits Cloud Bit, part of a snappable circuit prototyping ecosystem. ( & Interact with a server you set up on the campus network.
Particle Upload code over the air to the Particle Photon.
Plotly Visualize data online.
SparkFun Log data online.
Temboo Stream data and access other web APIs. Use 100+ APIs in 2000+ ways.
Thingspeak Store and analyze data in real time.
Twilio Use APIs to send and respond to SMS/text messages and voice calls.
Twitter Read/write tweets, do searches, and more.

Is there another service or domain that you recommend or want to connect to with your IoT project? Please let us know!

Data Management

IoT projects can produce a lot of data. Often the next steps include analysis, cleaning, and management. The NC State University Libraries provide support across the whole data life-cycle, with a suite of services including one-on-one consultations, access to specialized software, and more. For all data-related services, see our Data Services pages. 


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