Makerspace Policies


All of our Makerspace services and tools are available to all currently affiliated students, faculty, and staff at NC State. You must have a valid Wolfpack One Card and Unity ID.

Additionally, Centennial Campus Affiliates may use our 3D Printing Service at Hunt Library, and borrow Maker items from Technology Lending. They must obtain a Wolfpack One Card to use these services. Please see our page on Services for Centennial Campus Partners.


Each of our Makerspaces has a Safety Plan which ensures the safety of our users and staff. Staff are regularly trained in the execution of the Safety Plan, and all users of the D.H. Hill Library Makerspace are required to attend an orientation which includes training on safe use of the space and its tools. Some specific policies of note:

  • We do not allow the use of outside cutting tools in the Makerspace.
  • Only qualified full-time staff members are allowed to use the laser cutter, unless explicit and project-specific permission is given by such a staff member.

Intellectual Property

Users of the Makerspaces agree to this statement on intellectual property:

"I warrant that I am authorized to use the applicable files, data, images, or any other materials (collectively “Content”) in the Makerspace and that the use of the Content will not infringe upon any third-party’s copyright, patent, trademark trade secret or other proprietary or intellectual property rights."

Content and Use Limitations

Makerspace users are expected to use the Makerspace exclusively for lawful purposes that respect the policies of North Carolina State University and the NCSU Libraries as well as the safety and well-being of all students, faculty, staff, and patrons. Particularly, we prohibit using Makerspace equipment to create any objects that endanger anyone, including weapons in violation of N.C. Gen. Stat. § 14-269. In compliance with the law and University policies, the Libraries will not print any object that may function as a weapon or part of a weapon.

In the D.H. Hill Library Makerspace, we ask that users only use one 3D printer at a time, so that we can effectively serve a large number of users with a small amount of space and equipment.

Terms of Service and User Agreements


Individual Makerspace users may pay for services and material in the following ways:

  • Hunt Library 3D Printing Service: credit or debit card or only.
  • D.H. Hill Library Materials & Laser Cutting Service: AllCampus payment only.

Campus departments may pay for all services by providing the following information:

  • Department name
  • Project ID number*
  • Bookkeeper's name, phone number, and email

* Note: we cannot charge to grant accounts, which have Project ID numbers starting with a 5.

D.H. Hill Makerspace Lockers

D.H. Hill Library Makerspace lockers are for 2-week storage or shorter only, and may be cleared out by staff if occupied longer. Cleared-out items will be stored temporarily; see staff for assistance. Unclaimed items may be disposed of at the end of each semester. The NCSU Libraries are not responsible for the contents of these lockers.


Makerspace hours are governed by the following rules:

  • Closed when the University closes or suspends normal operations
  • Closed on University holidays
  • Shortened hours during (non-holiday) breaks, when class is not in session
  • Closed on weekends that fall immediately before or after University holidays or breaks (e.g. Sunday before Labor Day, Sunday after Spring Break)
  • Shortened hours during exams
  • Shortened hours during intersessions
  • Regular summer hours will be less than regular fall/spring semester hours