Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle e-readers are available by request and check out for two weeks with one renewal allowed. Up to 5 titles of your choice (subject to price and availability)* will be preloaded for your request. 

Additionally, you will also have access to nearly 500 other titles from our collection!  Feel free to browse the device’s full library once you've finished the books you requested.  Different devices have access to different collections, so not all Kindle titles owned by NCSU will be available.  It’s a bit like browsing the bookshelf of a good friend!

*At this time NC State University Libraries does not purchase Kindle ebook copies of academic textbooks, nor any ebooks priced above $49.99.

How can I borrow this device?

Request to borrow this device. Please allow one weekday (Mon–Fri) for request processing.

How long can I borrow it?

2 weeks