Microforms: Civil Rights in the United States Research Guide

NCSU Libraries has many microfilm collection with material relevant to the history of civil rights in the United States.

Papers of the NAACP (MFM 355 + guides)

Records of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (MFM 419 + guides)

Papers of the National Negro Congress (MFM 426 + guides)

FBI File: Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (MFM 398 + guide)

FBI File on Malcolm X (MFM 492 + guide)

FBI File on Reverend Jessie Jackson (MFM 441 + guide)

Martin Luther King, Jr. FBI File (MFM 354, 422 + guides)

Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) (MFM 359)

President Truman's Committee on Civil Rights (MFM 358)

Civil Rights During the Kennedy Administration, 1961-1963 (MFM 476, pt. 1-2 + guides)

Civil Rights During the Johnson Administration, 1963-1969 (MFM 373 + guides)

Civil Rights During the Nixon Administration, 1969-1974 (MFM 498 PT.1 REELS1-46 + guide)