Global Change Games: Never Alone: Foxtales

This event is part of the Global Change Games series.

Through the use of fictional scenarios, games help us explore and reflect on the challenging and sometimes frightening problems we face. In this series we will livestream gameplay and discuss how climate change games help us understand and grapple with the diverse and interrelated problems resulting from rapid global change.

Never Alone was developed in collaboration with the Iñupiaq, an Alaska native people. Players experience a gorgeously animated world as a little girl named Nuna, traveling with her Arctic fox. Nuna and Fox work creatively together using unique talents and abilities to solve the mystery behind an abnormal blizzard. Documentary clips embedded in the game touch directly on evidence members of the Alaska Native community have observed for climate change, as well as how it impacts their way of life.

In this event, College of Design senior Meghan Tankersley will play Never Alone: Foxtales, an expansion to the original game that casts Nuna and Fox in a new adventure. She will be joined by poet Ishmael Angaluuk Hope, who wrote the story based on a tale told by his grandfather, the “Two Coastal Brothers." Hope says, "They get a little too exuberant, like young people will. They’ll make little mistakes, but then they have to learn a lesson about how to respect all things, the values of being Inuit, Iñupiaq. It’s something that they had to learn.” (Read more.) The conversation will be moderated by the Libraries' Chris Tonelli, poet and co-owner of So & So Books in downtown Raleigh.

This video is a recording of Global Change Games: Never Alone: Foxtales, October 8, 2021