Tessa Minchew

Name Pronunciation

teh-suh men-chew


She / Her

Electronic Resources Librarian

Phone: (919) 515-5182

Email: tlminche@ncsu.edu

Orcid Logo0000-0002-0618-6921

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Shout-outs From My Colleagues

I'm privileged to work with some truly amazing people here in the Libraries, and Tessa is one of those people who I cannot imagine doing this job without. Not only is she a wonderful person and a joy to talk with, but her expertise in unraveling the complex world of academic licenses and translating them into words I understand is priceless. I can always count on Tessa to help me wrangle difficult questions and to offer dependable advice about potentially sticky situations, and I'm deeply grateful for her constant kindness and help.

— Shaun Bennett

Tessa Minchew from A&D has been a critical player in making mountains move when it comes to pulling all of the critical pieces together for ensuring our students and researchers have access to much-needed journals and databases. Tessa acts as a bridge between collections and technical services, customer service reps and their legal teams, campus accounting, and campus procurement. Along with her insight and ability to span issues of discovery, user experience, licensing, and access, she brings wit and genuine optimism, making her an invaluable collaborator and ambassador for the Libraries. And she does this all with grace and humor. Who doesn’t look forward to one of Tessa’s emails catching us up on the gritty issues of a license negotiation or platform downtime with embedded cute pictures of kittens?

— Hilary Davis