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Collections & Research Librarian for Agricultural and Environmental Science

Phone: (919) 515-7556

Email: hefox@ncsu.edu

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  • Agriculture and Life Sciences


Shout-outs From My Colleagues

I would like to give a big shout out to Emily, Shaun, Kristy, and Hillary F. for their work to create and deliver presentations for our soft launch of a publishing workshop series for NC State! They presented fantastic, relevant, and timely content and they brought their experience, expertise, and energy to make the workshops fun and engaging. They helped to create the foundation of a series of workshops on publishing for the NC State community that will carry on into the future.

— Hilary Davis

I am delighted to work with Hillary on the Alt-Textbook Project. Over the past year we have been working together at a time when interest in the program has never been higher. Together we have made continual improvements to our process and organizational structure. In doing so we have helped position the program to continue to grow and thrive. An example of that is our collaboration over a Good Idea Grant to develop a Libraries-led NC State network within Pressbooks, which will create a new dimension around OER development across campus. Hillary, thank you for being an exceptional colleague and friend.

— David Tully

It is with great pleasure that I attempt to express my appreciation for Hillary Fox, Tisha Mentnech, and Danica Lewis, the three librarians who support researchers, faculty, and students in the Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology.. I became familiar with these three professionals through one of their many outreach efforts to help inform us what fantastic services the NCSU Library System provides. The presentation on library services to research and teaching functions was excellent and exciting—outlining the many ways that our excellent library system can serve us as researchers, teachers, and mentors. Furthermore, the kind of guidance and wisdom that our three librarians provide us is a “guide in the wilderness” of new publications and “opportunities” about which we researchers are pathetically ignorant, among so much more. Dr. Allen Cohen (Entomology & Plant Pathology)

— Dr. Allen Cohen

I'm grateful to the complex and conscientious work of the Collaborative and Remote Work Task Force (CRWTF). They created outstanding guidance that is so well-organized and accessible! I revisit the Confluence pages on a regular basis, and consider them one of the most important foundations for our work. The guidance, tips, and examples for conducting hybrid meetings, setting up and implementing the onboarding process, and the advice for team building are incredibly helpful for all of us, most especially middle managers and project managers. The meeting free days and TL;DR summaries in each section of the guidance documentation represent the intentionality and care put into this work by this amazing team. Thank you to Hillary Fox, Kevin Beswick, Robin Davis, Mia Partlow, Lynn Whittenberger, and Jennifer Garrett for supporting our work through the Collaborative and Remote Work Task Force (CRWTF).

— Hilary Davis