Adebola Fabiku


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Department Head, Access Services


Access Services

Phone: (919) 515-8263


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Recent Works

  • Critical analysis of ARL member institutions’ diversity statements

    Dozier, V., Enimil, S., & Fabiku, A. (2022). Critical analysis of ARL member institutions’ diversity statements. In C. Lee, B. Lym, T. Bryant, J. Cain, & K. Schlesinger (Eds.), Implementing excellence in diversity, equity, and inclusion: A handbook for academic libraries. Chicago, Illinois: Association of Research Libraries.

  • Enriching Your Wealth of Resources by Marketing Interlibrary Loan

    Fabiku, A., & Tomcik, L. (2017). Enriching Your Wealth of Resources by Marketing Interlibrary Loan. Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery Electronic Reserve, 26(3-5), 137–150.

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Shout-outs From My Colleagues

I consider myself very lucky to work with Adebola. From our first meeting in April 2021 to the present, Adebola has been a colleague who has positively impacted me and the way me and my team in C&RS think about our services, our collections, and how we communicate across the organization. She surfaces work that needs a new process, she brings incredibly valuable experience to complex questions and problems, and she makes us rethink how and why we we acquire and deliver collections the way we do. Plus she's a really kind human being who makes the tough days a little easier. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with and learn from Adebola.

— Hilary Davis

Over the past few months the Libraries has hired a number of new colleagues and throughout the organization we're helping them to get oriented. As part of the onboarding process in Access Services, Adebola created a thoughtful "buddy" system that pairs a new colleague with another departmental colleague with the goal of providing structured support for the new person. She shared this buddy system with some other interested managers and we've adapted it for new colleagues in Research Engagement. From the buddy system it's clear that Adebola has put a lot of thought into how to help build connection for new colleagues. The buddy process gives some structure for the new person who has a designated colleague they can turn to for questions, advice, and support. Thanks for sharing the "buddy" approach, Adebola!

— Kim Duckett