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Overview of the Development of the Greenways Archive

In 1991, Charles E. Little and The Johns Hopkins University Press donated the core of what would become the Greenways Archive at NCSU Libraries Special Collections Research Center. After the completion of his path-breaking book, Greenways for America, Charles E. Little wanted to donate his impressive collection of greenways material to an academic institution that was committed to the development of greenways systems across the United States. NCSU was chosen as the repository for the Archive because of the strong interest for greenways in the Raleigh, NC area and the university's renowned programs in Parks and Recreation, Landscape Design, Engineering, and Environmental Sciences. For several years, however, the Archive remained undeveloped, consisting primarily of the Little papers.

In 1998 the Evergreen Foundation provided the first installment of a generous grant to improve the Greenways Archive at NCSU Libraries. This important first step furnished the means to develop the Archive beyond the core collection of the Charles E. Little Papers. The grant funded a far-reaching and ambitious project to document the growth of greenways in the United States through the preservation and dissemination of data received through surveys and new acquisitions.

The two-year grant, completed in the summer of 2001, significantly advanced the Greenways Archive at NCSU Libraries. The objective of the grant was to increase the holdings relative to existing and proposed greenways across the United States and make this information available for future greenways development. This was accomplished through the completion of two nation-wide surveys that are housed in the Special Collections Research Center, the acquisition of a variety of greenways resources, the development of a pamphlet and website detailing the collections, and the commencement of an ambitious digital mapping project.

Greenways Archive includes the following collections.

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